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  1. View From Your Swim

    Fair play mate you boys put plenty on the bank atb Flacko
  2. Nonces And The Internet

    Only way to deal with them is put them down
  3. Favourite Sunday roast

    Can you buy corn beef in England ?
  4. Favourite Sunday roast

    Beef but had herdwick lamb today
  5. Couple hours out this morning

    She’s doing well for you mate atb Flacko
  6. Lost dog

    Great news
  7. Todhunter and the fox

    equestrian vision shop
  8. Todhunter and the fox

    You can buy it on line £20 EV country sports
  9. Hessian bags compared to carry box

    Got a half round box ( cylinder) that fits snug in rucksack with few nets so I can do a couple hedges in front of big house & walk away like one of them ramblers one of the lads on here made it for me it’s vang on ,atb Flacko
  10. Real un

  11. RIP Liam Miller

    RIP sad going so young a athlete as well
  12. Nice few hours ferreting

    Nice one Dubz
  13. miss me little marker

    You don’t realise how much you need one till you’ve not got one atb Flacko
  14. Wet morning ferreting

    Better than sitting in house mate well done,ya terrier don’t look to impressed tho lol, atb Flacko
  15. Hooked gutting knife

    Bang on that mate I’ve been told they are a decent blade cheers I get on google now & find one atb Flacko