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  1. View From Your Swim

    Some decent fish there mate (Dc) atb Flacko
  2. Ferret housing during winter

    As with summertime make sure it’s draft free pal & top up on fresh bedding they be sound enough atb Flacko
  3. Black Pudding

    Raw with cheese& onion 👍
  4. Chubbing With My Lad

    That’s what I call a good day out with the lad atb Flacko
  5. Pheasant

    My dogs not keen on them baz,do you feed just the breast raw
  6. Pheasant

    Donate them mate to a couple of pensioners
  7. Brack And Pearl 2017

    Dogs always look well mate rabbits look nice & clean how’s the dog you moved ongoing atb Flacko
  8. Short Legged Russells

    Good old fashion type that we used years ago atb Flacko
  9. Fed Up

    Modern day farming as a lot to do with the rabbit population as well as other wildlife
  10. Short Legged Russells

    3175 Darren
  11. Short Legged Russells

    How old is your Russell mate ?
  12. On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    Well done lads wish I had been there atb Flacko
  13. They Look Mighty Fine Pups To Me

    Bollox,load of money spinners
  14. Anyone Planned Litters

    Good old dog him mate might need a bit of viagra this bitch his relentless at everything lol
  15. Black Fallow Buck

    What weight did he come in at THE STALKER ?