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  1. Help

    Hi everyone can anyone help.a couple of years back i brought a quickset long net with alloy poles second hand off a chap who had told me he had brought it from some company which i cant remember the name of. Ive search the net for net suppliers which sell these nets with the alloy poles but carnt find any.Does anybody know where i can find them....cheers
  2. Help

    Cheers chaps thats big help ill get intouch with them thanks again.Archie
  3. Just Some Of My Rabbit Net

    Had some of these nets off rabbiting man and they are bang on,that impressed i ordered 40 more lol.
  4. Kits

    pmd you mate
  5. My collie x

    She looks a cracker mate i dont think you'll go wrong with her .Cant wait to see them out doing it :thumbs: :thumbs:
  6. Bedlingtion/Whippet x Saluki/Greyhound

    Cracking looking dog mate and from what you said i dont think you will go far wrong... :thumbs:
  7. ferreting in the sun

    Good work lads nice pics :thumbs:
  8. What have these men got in common ?

    BRING BACK HANGING :censored: :censored: :censored:
  9. Old teaching the young

    good write up mate well done
  10. Well done lads another good job
  11. well done lads sounds like you all had a cracking day
  12. Anyone fance a few hours with the crew

    :clapper: Great offer steve fair play to you mate. Who ever takes you up on your offer is sure to have a cracking day
  13. Cropsafe Crew (man down)

    Good going lads.Steve im suprised theres any rabbits left up your way :laugh: looks like another good day atb

    :laugh: :laugh: I like it mate well done
  15. Had a couple of days pikeing with my youngest and my god son before the frost and snow.My lads first pike and my god sons pb just over 16
  16. F*ck the bad foot I'm out with the crew

    Fair play to you steve cracking pics and good right up as always :clapper:
  17. Heres a few pics from this season.Had a cracking year so far and dropped very lucky in picking up some fantastic permission,This year we have managed to get 3 farms a small holding and a small private estate which we got through one of the farmers whos land we hunt.one of the farms also as a river running through it which we can fish :laugh: happy days
  18. A few pics of the season

    Cheers lads for the comments.Had a really good year so far.Was looking to finish ferreting for this season but had a call this morning and been asked to clear some rabbits on another farm.Its only one field at the moment but been told we will get the rest once the farmer gets a bit of trust in us :boogy: so it looks like it will be a few more weeks yet.Ill keep you updated now i know how to put the pics up :thumbs:
  19. A few pike before the frosts

    Cheers for your reply lads.Irish lurcher your right mate i hit it strait away it was done when i was unhooking the fish i caught the gill rake when the fish started to flap
  20. LMFAO :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: ive tryed been banging on the misses back door for years but she wont loose me in
  21. I dident like pussy till i met your misses :laugh: :laugh: :icon_eek:
  22. 3 hours out this morning

    Nice 1 lads you look well pleased with yourselfs :thumbs:
  23. ferreting this morning

    Well done lads good bag :thumbs:
  24. :laugh: Your misses dont think so :whistling: :boogy: :boogy:
  25. Im the good looking one ha ha.We've definitely dropped lucky mate it looks like rabbit heaven.The QCs place sunday cant wait