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  1. A good cull animal

    Yep , needed going ..good days work .. hows it going Owen , made any headway ?
  2. easy perms

    Not many would give a heads up like that ........well done Les ....
  3. Bit of Suffolk

    Nice breakfast GL , what did you have for lunch . ? ....
  4. The great British shooting show

    .....this could cost him a tidy few quid ...I’m there around 8 ...
  5. Labour Party Animal Welfare Plan

    How long after the £2 BILLION a year game rearing industry is destroyed will it take the Labour / Anti brigade to turn there attentions on the rough shooting / small Shoot ..probably before the ink is dry ...Anyone nieve enough to think the Labour Party will be happy until all field sports are stopped needs to get there head tapped ..Hunting with hounds / dogs was first , driven shooting ( grouse , pheasant / partridge/duck ) is there next goal and after that make no mistake any form of shooting / Hunting will be in there sights ..Once ALL forms of Hunting with dog and gun are finished what’s next .? Salmon and game fishing , sounds a bit extreme , not when your dealing with extremists ... sadly you can’t compromise with extremists as we know to our detrement in other fields ..
  6. And as sure as you don’t go will be the time every pig & yote in sask does ..
  7. The great British shooting show

    Spoken like a true Yorkshireman ..........
  8. The great British shooting show

    No mate I’ve not had the temerity to put myself on the free table , if I can sort out a couple of things tomorrow I’ll try and get up Saturday..you going ?
  9. The great British shooting show

    I definitely definitely wasn’t going , until half hour ago now I might be , luckily the tortoise eat all the lettuce and we run out of Brillo pads ...
  10. Morning after valentines

    That’s some breakfast mate ..
  11. The great British shooting show

    ..I’m off now to scrub my mouth with a Brillo pad and then administer six lashes across my forskin with a cold wet lettuce leaf ..... .......
  12. Squirting.. I'm not really into it😂

    Need to watch out for that yellow snow mate ..
  13. Congratulations Tom Daley

    How times have changed , for the better ? .... not from my old eyes .
  14. The great British shooting show

    The facts speak volumes ...he’s as mod and. he’s a Londoner pretending to be a Taff ...something not right glad your taking your mate to watch your back ..
  15. Labour Party Animal Welfare Plan

    Wildlife and field sports are safe in labour hands. ...