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  1. true red leeds

    Anyone living in Leeds get your shopping in before GL gets there , there wont be much left by the time he goes home .
  2. Ha'way Coleman

    Pass it like a std ....fcuking classic .
  3. Airbags

    Sounds like they should have gone off mate , I was at a deer call out a few moths ago the fella had only clipped it with one wing and his air bag went off , which then shuts down the car .Glad Trish is ok , that’s the main thing , especially as you can’t cook ..
  4. Winter warmer

    Did venison redang with cauliflower rice at the weekend , well my wife did ..needed to be a little hotter but lovely flavour ..
  5. A message from Gnasher.

    I wouldn’t think he would stoop to the sewer level of PL ..
  6. Shooting sticks

    Quads for me , I did have a set of the all singing and dancing alloy ones which were superb and the best I’ve ever used , unfortunately they are not truck proof and now use a home made set till I have s rush of blood to my small brain and buy another set of alloys ..
  7. Parenting

    Tragic , he’s going to have to have them blades sharpened now ..
  8. Bouncer , can only be mothercare ..cant see him doing the door on a pub in the east end of London , some of the drunks can be awfully rude and call him nasty names .unless his mummy goes with him to tell the naughty people of ...what a tart ..
  9. If that’s all they have got to gripe about what a fcuking sad pair of lucky bas tards .. all the heartache and tragedy some couples have with desperately ill kids and all they have to complain and bitch about is a poxy letter not intended to cause offence first or last , talk about stuck up your own arse ...and as for the hospital apologising they just feed the cnuts self importance ...
  10. Skinned Carcass Colour

    They will have a totally different feel as as well, they dry out massively if skinned and hung because the air is changing in the chiller it draws the moisture from the carcass , the ones I’ve hung skinned always get that dark dried out look and feel . I seldom skin them till I’m about to butcher them ..
  11. Smelly b*****ds. Disgusting

    Fcuking dirty low life scum .....stealing that will curse them ......
  12. Mink diving on a small fish

    All those lessons I’ve given you have really paid off ...your proper getting the hang of this taxidermy. From know on your on your own ...fabulous job mate ..
  13. Out early this morning , slight north westerly , cold but very clear , stalked through the bottom woodland to try and end up coming up on onto the bottom paddocks were I glassed a few deer as I drove down at first light .Trying to get anywhere quietly was impossible with all the dry chestnut leaves on the ground , sounded like I was walking on bags of crisps ...I eventually got on to a grass ride and made my way along to the field only for the dog to stop , nose in the air scenting , got the gun on the sticks just in case , a couple of minutes went by and I couldn’t see anything and was just about to move on when I glimpsed the tail of a fallow doe ..45 yds to my left in among the chestnuts it dropped to the shot .. gralloched I headed home ...4 hours later I’m back in one of the seats and out walked a poor pricket , just a couple of buttons on his head and he was added to the cull ..a shot from a pal in another seat added another one and just as the light was going a yearling Doe came out to my left , 160 m she jumped as the 129 gr 6.5 hit home , run a circle to disappear back into the scrub from where she had come out , gave it ten minutes , confident in the strike I took the dog down to where she was hit and she followed the circle and found the Doe dead 15 m into the scrub ..in the chiller at 64lb 75lb 66lb and 61 lb ...I’m nackered and my back aches ...
  14. Dog introduction

    Excellent effort , nice to have someone to help drag them especially up hill ..as FD said bit of blood tracking and they come to it fairly quickly . I was out this morning and the dog had this one scented long before I had it seen in among the chestnuts..managed to slip a 6.5 into her before she see me ..