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  1. Infested

    That is what you call infested ! ..Cant think I’ve ever come across one quite as bad as that Matt . I fcuking hate ticks and keds .
  2. Hunting Cutlass

    That’s craftsmanship , pure craftsmanship...you could hang that on the wall as a piece of art .
  3. .410 Ambush on the corvids

    Good going mate ....
  4. You can understand how they become a problem when they can give birth in temperatures that low in what must be the open , there can’t be much warmth in a pile of rushes in four foot of snow ..it’s a wonder the piglets don’t die of shock as there born ..I wonder if there survival rates are as good as warmer states .
  5. me and gary mitchell

    Good going Les ,
  6. How fcuking tuff are those pigs ! We’re do they whelp in all that snow ..?
  7. They Are The 12%

    Sounds gay as fcuk ,mate , but eat plenty of meat that’s not attached to anything or anyone and you might be alright ...
  8. Letting nature take over

    Interesting for sure , I’d like to be in the position to let 3500 acres of West Sussex go wild ..if every farmer did that it would be fabulous but being on a waiting list for a joint of organic meat doesn't cut the must mustard when it comes to food production.
  9. Sunderland 1 Burton Albion 2 !!!!

    Give the makem’s some credit ...they did get out of the championship at the first time of asking ...
  10. picture 2

    And that was it ..sat out till late this afternoon and nothing more came in . Yesterday there was hundreds on it all day ..hey oh tomorrow’s another day ..bet the ba stards come back tomorrow ..
  11. picture 2

    I’m sitting in a hide on a field that was blue with pigeon yesterday ......one pigeon and four carrion crows since early this morning ..

    Who ever gets the job will,have a big old pair of boots to fill ..
  13. Guilty Of Sending An Offensive Message

    Obviously the police and judiciary have totally eliminated all other major crime and are keen to show they are now busy working on lower level offenders..Police down here we’re doing house to house enquiries to find out how a hedgehog accidentally got caught in a rodent trap ....I kid you not .
  14. Fao max - sufc

    Paid a hefty price back then for failure , today they fcuk up and get paid handsomely to leave ..
  15. Blasted fox's.

    Up until he met that fast moving projectile he looked to be living a good life ..