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  1. Let it snow!

    Last season we where out with the hounds and they cold marked, dug out a vixen, the next day while out again they picked up the dog fox hanging around the hole we took the vixen from and hunted him for miles, was about this time of year, put him to ground.
  2. Let it snow!

    Mine with that last snowfall, I missed a day of it cause was in Scotland stalking reds, when the snow hit my girlfriend phoned laughing then just hung up lol
  3. Let it snow!

    Or when u say to the other half it’s a quick walk and then I phone her asking for tools to be dropped up lol
  4. Let it snow!

    Lol I forgot about that lol
  5. Let it snow!

    I know mate, can’t get them all lol just u phone in sick in the morning lol 😝
  6. Let it snow!

    I am running round the house now getting everything ready! Lol like a kid on Xmas eve lol
  7. Let it snow!

    Everybody round me hates it, I love it lol not a better sight than walking to an earth and see old charlies prints walking into it followed by the terrier, night go out for. The famous “couple of hours”
  8. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

  9. Aye, if ya loose her ya just follow the snail trail lol I take her with me when I go stalking, I was down stalking sika stags, we where staying in a cottage on the estate and the deer where out the front and they where squealing that big f****r hide behind the sofa! Lol
  10. There’s my guard dog, human speed bump, they will trip over it in the living room lol that should wake me up
  11. Double Plastic Terrier Box

    Aye mate but life time job, my olds ones were f****d and didn’t even have them. Season, wouldn’t go back to wooden 1s. Now
  12. Double Plastic Terrier Box

    I got a triple 1 there the other week, cracking job! http://www.dogtransportbox.com/
  13. Sharptooth fork

    Think that’s wats gonna happen, works out about 90 quid that’s with shipping

    Chocolate dog is lostvto ground last season
  15. Sharptooth fork

    Looking for a sharptooth, if any of u lads make them or know of anybody, I am in Northern Ireland, cheers