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  1. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    Shallowest I have had is 0.2, out 1 day with a mate and his hounds,.... they cold marked it, looked deep single holer, f**k I was happy it wasn’t deep lol
  2. Sand ,dos and donts

    There’s a place near me that must be near 6/7 m of sand, just a massive mound of it, cracking but of cover to run hounds through, evertytine I walk past them the terriers is doing back flips, I just keep walking, known boys that have dug it, don’t think anybody has dug it in a good few years
  3. How's Everyone's Season Started

    . Never mind digging it, I would hate to backfill it lol
  4. Pups

    smart looking pup this mate looks familiar to my own good luck with it Cheers mate....
  5. Pups

    My wee bundle of joys....just turned 6 months
  6. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    The old boy
  7. Terriers Will Be The Death Of Me.

    . Did the terrier get a dig?? After all that I hope so lol
  8. Pups

    He's getting big...
  9. I decided to go for an Isuzu.....picked it up yesterday
  10. Shogun Sport 2.5

    I had 1 mate, was a good wagon for hunting in, never walked to a hole again lol had to be dog out once or twice mind lol they can be thirsty big b*****ds tho, only thing I done to mine was the clutch and timing belt, mike was a 2005
  11. Move To Ireland?

    move to the north never mind the south lol we have postcodes and road names lol
  12. Deer Poacher's Caught By Posting On Fb.

    Most these groups on bakebook the police can get on, regardass if it's a private group or open group, so serves them right for posting it, probly done them a favour taking the dogs, cause they where useless!
  13. Show Us Your White Dog's

    no, just Tyson? Will have to dig a pic of him out,Barney was the big bull russell, looks like a staff with long hair lol
  14. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Don't even mention his name in with that bull Russell lol bull russell couldn't lace his boots lol u remember Barney the bull russell??
  15. Show Us Your White Dog's

    he would take head staggers, either sound away or mute, dug him 3 times 1 day not a scratch week later dug him, in a and e for 3 weeks, to be honest I think he would have pulled the plug, we where digging to him and he showed,but went back to same spot and we dug to him, so that was his first strike, dog after that was the cave in, so will,