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  1. First fox

    Well done trunk jr. Cracking fox for your 1st one. He definitely learning from the best. 1st of many more
  2. Dogs eye

    Good luck hope all goes well. At least it isn't what mine had.
  3. SHOGUN Pinnin

    A mate has one. It goes where he needs it to go. Is reliable and good off road. Struggles with plough but gets through eventually. He uses it for shooting and has been impressed with it. Has diff lock etc. Just a mini 4x4
  4. Dogs eye

    My old lurcher had something similar turned out the dog had a stroke. Think she lasted 3-4 weeks after been diagnosed. Hope it's nothing like that though but get it to the vets ASAP. ATVB.
  5. Boxing At The Weekend...

    Price a good come back fight for fury
  6. Notts doorman

    Bull well Barnsley boxed at the working mens club there rough as they come 👊👊😂
  7. New pup

    Good luck I have a 8 month old deer grey. Obedience is brilliant but is a nosy fecker in the kennel. Very clever bitch and very fast but still very puppish.
  8. Gutted

    Keep ya chin up. No worse feeling I have lost 2 in the last 3 months and it' is crap. Rip fern
  9. Cheap .22 Break Barrel

    Not a break barrel. But HW57 is a very good gun had mine years and love it you can get them for under £150. It is the smaller version of the HW77. It drops rabbits pigeon crows magpie phesants rats easy enough.
  10. Army motto

    Army motto I heard that made me chuckle is Stars The army sleep under them. The navy navigate by them. The RAF. Rate hotels by them.
  11. Bullx suitability

    My half x is approx 26" tts. Very easy going around the kennel but once out lamping etc he turns into a different dog. Switches on
  12. Gotta have a heart

    Well done real country man Its not all about the hunting but enjoying nature aswell. I watch foxes, birds of prey, song birds, rabbits at work find it very relaxing.
  13. wolf hound x greyhound pups

    I like that quote aswell.😂 None of mine are dog aggressive they just decided to see who was top dog. It got messy. Both ok though.
  14. wolf hound x greyhound pups

    Can't of been much of a Dane. Believe me a Dane can go when it' blood is up I found out yesterday when my bull x and Dane decided to go at it. He made the bull x look silly.
  15. Bobcocks

    Don' forget your coat it's cold out