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  1. dogmad riley

    My 3

    Very powerful looking bunch. Was gifted one durning last season from a mate who heard I was dogless due to an accident with mine. Wasn't to bothered at 1st but took the chance with him and am very impressed up to now he has done everything asked of him. Isn't no hare dog but has a good go.
  2. dogmad riley

    Show us your Bull x

    That's what I tell my other half
  3. dogmad riley

    Show us your Bull x

    Cracking looking pups look like they will be useful atb
  4. dogmad riley

    Galv panels

    Got 2x 1m ones going spare. Doncaster area
  5. dogmad riley

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    One today of him out with the runners
  6. dogmad riley

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    1st terrier of my own so not expecting too much only 6 month old.
  7. dogmad riley

    lurcher collars

    Kcb leather best leather collars going
  8. dogmad riley


    It's called being a fat greedy b@stard
  9. dogmad riley

    Skoda Yeti.

    I looked at them yetis but looked a little small for the family camping trips. Have just bought a Subaru legacy 2.0d 2010 very spacious, all the mod cons etc quick, looks sporty and fits around the family nicely. Would highly recommend
  10. I know of a lad who does it with a German pointer regular.
  11. dogmad riley

    Countryside March 1998

    Unfortunately I wasn' old enough. But I remember 1998 very well it was the year I started with the hunting obsession. Aged 10 year old going on my 1st ferreting trip with the lurchers. Happy days
  12. dogmad riley

    Honours mean f**k all

    Can' believe it' took this long to realise this
  13. So anybody breeding 1st x??
  14. dogmad riley

    Hare numbers

    11 is the most in one field I have seen this season. They seem to be everywhere this year. Same as badger been seeing a lot this year. Nice to see em about. Like Katchum I enjoy just watching them with the kids.