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  1. Never heard such a practise. How could you judge puppies ?
  2. Thanks to Google ! I just find this link to a canadian club and his Master Earthdog. I'm not teasing... http://www.rideauterrier.com/earth-dog.html Master Earthdog (ME) Master Earthdog is the ultimate title an earthdog can obtain. To achieve this title, two dogs are drawn at random. As a brace, the dogs hunt for the tunnel entrance from a distance of 100 to 300 yd (91 to 270 m). They must actively indicate where the tunnel entrance is located. Then, one at a time, the dogs move through the tunnel passing obstacles that simulate roots and constrictions in the tunnel. The master tunnel also has a false entrance/exit and a false den. Once at the quarry, dog must work the rats for 90 seconds and not be distracted by the judge scraping or digging alongside the tunnel. The scraping is meant to approximate the hunter digging down to the spot where the dog is holding the quarry at bay. The handler has 15 seconds to remove the dog from the tunnel after their 90 seconds of work is complete. Each dog is also judged on how well they "honor". While one dog is in the tunnel working, the other dog is staked out near the tunnel. The honor dog must show interest but must not make so much noise the judge cannot hear the dog working in the tunnel. Four passes under three different judges is required for a Master Earthdog title. 90 seconds. May be funny but definitevely too far from earth work. it's time to try dog dancing.
  3. I wish you are right ! But we have some risks too... Glory and money !
  4. I don't know concerning Master Earth Terrier, may be to far ffrom realities. If some use artificial sets, I prefer to look at the work in a natural set. According my way : Ability to search, going far and deep, engagement to hunt and push the prey, barks qualities (strong and regular, durable for long time), tenacity (don't come out during the hunt, never leave the prey), ability to face an attack (no retreat, just a little), ability to stop a fight without retreat, ability to work without too much nervousness. And for the end, ability to do all the job without too much injuries. In France, each working terrier breed club have his own criteria. This is the case for Jagd Terrier, Teckel, Jack Russell, Fox Terrier or others terriers.They are different. For example, Jagd Terrier club is looking for the biting, strong biting is required. Jack Russell club is looking for abilities to move in tiny tunnels (useful for fox). Teckel club is watchful with barks. Nevertheless, the best way to know dog's abilities is hunt, hunt and hunt !
  5. According to you, How many working terrier are registred to the Kennel Club ?
  6. New Season In France

    This is the end of the Season. Badger hunting is closed until middle of May. Very nice week-end.
  7. New Season In France

    This is the end, middle of january. May be one or two hunts more and stop. Badger hunting is closed during births until weaning.
  8. New Season In France

    Why does the French terrierman like a big dug hole? Because he always digs with a pickaxe and so he needs a big place. On the other hand, he spots the dog with a bar. It's not always very precise. A large hole reduces the risk of digging in the wrong place. Moreover, he isn't hurry and he isn't alone in digging. Over here, a very good dug hole is : rectangular, straight walls, sharp angles, broken behind the dog or just above. The best is flat bottom at the bottom of the gallery before taking the dog. One search, one dog, one badger. Honestly, We don't dig like this each day. If you trust your dog, you have time to dig, not a small hole like a cone. Great confidence, big hole. Probably different in other countries due to different way to hunt.
  9. New Season In France

    A nice set, 4 or 5 feet, a big badger. Our bitch Gadoue done the job. Happy New Year !
  10. New Season In France

    26th of december, our kind of Boxing Day.
  11. New Season In France

    A new bitch in the kennel, 18 months. I don't know his past. I know the future : earth work.
  12. New Season In France

    This morning we'd had fresh snow, o°c, no damage for dogs. Unfortunately during the afternoon hunt, a car punched one dog on the road. Dog is still alive, it should be back. Lot of hares in this area, too much. Thus, dogs changed. So, despite a lot of runs, We didn't get anyone. It was a very good time.
  13. New Season In France

    No dig today, we are with friends to hunt hare with hounds.
  14. New Season In France

    Thank you for these encouragement. Nice to be read by supporters.