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  1. Wild-Bill

    Which Suv?

    Thinking of getting a forester a shower my next motor. Prettt much same thing as kanny, tracks road driving and odd off road nothing to serious. WHich model isn't best? Looking up to 2800 to spend. Was thinking 2.0 XT. And one that hasn't been dogged. Are there Many gripes on them to look for. Had a search on google sayong check all electrics work etc. Should I finding one which has had the cam belt recently done? And anything else that needs to be done around 100,000 miles?
  2. Wild-Bill

    Merle X merle

    Is there anyway a vet could tell from a young age maybe test etc?
  3. Wild-Bill

    whats the best food for lurchers

    Pretty much exactly the same. Pups I always feed dry aswell as raw and I feed them gain puppy or Australian greyhound puppy always been fine and well balanced. Also beta is good.
  4. Wild-Bill

    Bull x Saluki Greyhound

    A good few years ago a lad I know bred a full bull over a full Saluki. I never saw much of them infact I only seen them once at around 6/7 months old. They looked great. I hear they worked well when older for what the lad wanted. Interesting cross I think and am sure some lads would have use for them. i really like Saluki/grey x bull/grey and I don’t think you can go wrong if you wanna have a pop at most things.
  5. Wild-Bill

    Border collie

    Lovely animal borderscot. If I remember rightly was the litter from here?
  6. Wild-Bill

    Just a few pics of ruby

    Nice bitch that mate
  7. Wild-Bill

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Cracking dogs AT.
  8. Wild-Bill

    Some Fun Today

    Good days sport mate and enjoyed the vids.
  9. Wild-Bill

    Shogun Sport 2.5

    What model was the high tax lads.?
  10. Decided to sell my Toyota Hilux lads. Its one S Reg. Its a metallic blue double cab and comes with a white canopy back. Its done around 127,000 Miles. Its got mot from last month. The only problem I can see is this, the driver seat has a rip in it. And also when driving it can be sticky putting it into 1st, I have spoken to my mechanic and he reckons will need replacing eventually however its not urgent. But with this in mind I will knock the cost of it which is around 500 notes. Any good or anyone will take a sensible offer its a bloody good truck and been brilliant. Im just downsizing thats all. Been honest as I can. I do have photos could whats app them etc. Cant figure out how to upload them without photochcket. Pm with offers etc.
  11. Wild-Bill

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Looks really well boris. How old now?
  12. Wild-Bill

    Anyone Planned Litters

    You after a busher Roy
  13. Wild-Bill

    Some People

    Rather wall completely past the general public than engage with them. 90% are baffoons cannot be doing with them.