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  1. New layout

    Still cant figure how to get the screen that looks more like the old one.... Can i, or am i stuck with this....
  2. New layout

    Ain't been on for a few days and the site's gone nuts... I'm old, set in my ways, have no idea how to work it and my eyes are fecking killing me..!!! Without trawling back, is there a 'view new content' type button like last time..??
  3. Rain Cover ?

    Kingy, i posted before i had a close up of your accomdation and looking at that, i'd see if i could get a cheap enough roller blind. Propper job if you could.
  4. Rain Cover ?

    Nylon coal sack (clean), tacked side on to the roof, with a wooden batton on the inside. Roll up and place on top in good weather and drop down in horizontal rain. Simples!
  5. Barbour Stinks Any Tips ?

    Its the lining Vin. Either hand wash the inside using a decent detergent or send it off to one of those Barbour repair gaffs and have it cleaned or relined. Whatever you do dont wash/damage the outside. Years of re-proofing are priceless in these jackets. Once done shower before every use and it should be right for years.
  6. New Midleton Lakeland Book

    Agree with that W, though i'm still glad that Frain put a book together because characters like Gary are well worth remembering, no matter how well its written. There are still plenty of the older generations who's experiences are well worth putting to print. Sadly, no one seems interested in doin it.
  7. New Midleton Lakeland Book

    Cheers Dilly... I wont bother with that then!
  8. Long Netting Hairs

    Know what your saying Billy but i recon there's more to taking a hare in a net... Recon it'd be a fair bit harder than some do by spinning one with a lamp with a part bred desert dog and then skimming it in a ditch... Those with the skills to net propper knew the worth of a big strong hare.
  9. New Midleton Lakeland Book

    I got the second book, seems a bit of a mish mash of information, like two books pages shuffled and put together. Its ok but though i aint read the first, i'd bet it'd be a better read about Gary himself.
  10. Long Netting Hairs

    Once upon a time, when hares were prized as food, rather than left to rot and few dogs could take em regular, gate netting was the most popular method of taking hares...
  11. Wolf / Lab

    That one i judged was soft as shite...
  12. Not A Bad Start To This Fox Season

    Fantastic start to the season... Well done!
  13. Wolf / Lab

    Yep, throw out the big 'need shooting' line and bingo, masses of protest... Hybrid wolves all over the world now, popping up all over social media, very trendy. I even judged one in Wales the other year...! Recon its nothing new either... That Buck dog in Call Of The Wild has a lot to answer for... This ones a crock of shite if you ask me, a set up. The agenda is really cry for help to be noticed for funding etc, me thinks...
  14. Perks For Mods

    Gotta agree. There's an Irish forum I look at and if a post has a hint of an illegal subject or any legal issues about it they pull the plug. Do I get a T-Shirt for kissing ass ? Yes, its pink. Do you want your name front or back?
  15. Ferrets Sh!tting Everywhere

    Dirty protest... Their demands are; getting out more and better housing..!!