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    I enjoy mooching about setting snares for rabbits, killing rats.I also enjoy getting out and doing a bit of fishing and being in the country side.

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  1. Jim and Micky

    picture of micky from sunday
  2. Giblets

  3. Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    Jesus..... he could at least wait, until she put so makeup on
  4. Off Boar hunting

    here he is
  5. SoundCloud download

    i listen to joe rogan the fighter and the kid the church of whats happening and 1 or 2 Jordan Peterson podcasts i listen to them on youtube
  6. Man Sheds

    i need a shed now after reading this thread maybe i should make a start by getting a house first
  7. that's pic of the year for me absolutely stunning
  8. Bert Gripton.

    great videos lads thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you all keep safe
  9. Acid Attacks

    all that is a rumor unfortunately wilf, its not like that what people say, he will be on a protective wing and wont integrate with normal criminals the low life swine.
  10. The Joe Joyce Song

    i didn't watch the vid i put it on while i was browsing a diff web site
  11. The Joe Joyce Song

    just found this tune on you tube great song, i think its very catchy
  12. Funny Joke Thread

    Dirty Derek our local flasher was thinking about retiring, but he's decided to stick it out for another year!