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  1. hawki

    champions league poll

    i didn't vote Real.... i swear
  2. hawki

    Embarrassing moments

    ok peter i took it the wrong way then
  3. hawki

    Embarrassing moments

    was that aimed at me peter?
  4. hawki

    Embarrassing moments

    hindsight is a great thing peter, did you ever do anything wrong in your life? you come on here like most... talking the brave guy, you have a big family etc.. etc.... you sort this and that out, if you did, im sure you had problems with the gardai out of all the things you give your 2cents about im sure some of your family are locked up
  5. hawki

    Embarrassing moments

    as soon as your in there you learn slowly that you lose some type of compassion for humans and its hard to adjust when your out
  6. hawki

    View From Your Swim

    that's a belter, what bait did you catch it with?
  7. hawki


    have you being sniffing your sisters knickers again
  8. hawki

    Out Ratting

    that's great picture bosun
  9. hawki

    Fishing licence

    canals are free in Ireland, most rivers you need a license eg the liffey, its only free to fish in the Memorial Park Islandbridge
  10. hawki

    Pics Of Your Bushing Dogs

    link doesn't work pal you have to log into youtube to watch it
  11. hawki

    The national

    my picks are Ucello Conti 16/1 to win & The Dutchman 22/1 e/w
  12. hawki

    Conor mcgregor

    he looks ruff as fook i hate the next morning after a meltdown
  13. hawki

    Big Brother Is Watching You

    your never safe with technology even if you delete stuff it leaves a trace have a look at this video the police dont even need a warrant to do this
  14. hawki

    Funny Joke Thread