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  1. Airbags

    I hope you gave her the back of your hand. Dereliction of duty late dinner.
  2. Airbags

    I was driving a Honda Civic. I was def travelling faster than 14 mph and the other driver hit me at fairly high speed. Both cars written off. My airbags def never activated. It was in 99 so no chance of investigation now.
  3. Airbags

    I had a similar experience. I was genuinely injured.First thing my GP asked me was whether the airbags had activated.I got the strong impression he was trying to discover whether I was a compensation seeker or genuinely hurt.
  4. Porn.

    There's the voice of experience. Did your stitch dissolve or did it have to be snipped off?
  5. Badger Cull

    Both of those creatures are in serious,serious decline. I love the call of the lapwing , but I have to travel to hear it now. It's a long time since I heard a hedgehog shuffling in a hedgerow too. Very sad.
  6. Porn.

    I don't think anal leakage films exist Rusty. Nothing else which tickles your fancy?
  7. Porn.

    Pun intended?
  8. Porn.

    Sorry, I could post similar stuff every day if you wish..do wonders for your figure.
  9. Porn.

    You're welcome. Next time you see a a young girl walking funny, you know why. Seriously, do schoolkids get taught that porn is fantasy and not real ? Do they get taught about cross infection and anal leakage? Time they did .
  10. Porn.

    Mrs went to a meeting of old biddies. Its some sort of club where they get together and sometimes have a visiting speaker. Last night there was a speaker talking about her job as a sexual health nurse. I was pulling her leg about it before she went, saying all the old biddies will enjoy being shocked..keep them affronted and muttering for weeks. She said I'm very broad minded, it will take a lot to shock me. So she comes home and is very quiet. Then she spills the beans. Apparently it's not chlamidia queens or pox or hiv which takes up her working day. It's young girls who have weird infections in their mouths, vaginas and anuses. Apparently their partners learn about sex from porn so expect to visit all orifices in one sex session. So the girls ( some very young) get bugs in their mouths which belong in their backsides and bugs in their vaginas which belong in their mouths and so on. The thing which really freaked her out, and me too, is that young girls get banged up the backside so frequently that a lot come to the clinic because they have 'anal leakage'...crap leaks out of their backsides the whole time so that they have to wear nappy type thingies. This doesn't do their self confidence much good. f**k me. I'm glad I've got no daughters or granddaughters. Did that wake you up on this pissing down Monday morning?
  11. Manson dead.

    This was the top story on BBC news. Why?
  12. Badger Cull

    If they were taken off the protected register and allowed to be killed by farmers and sportsmen, their numbers would reduce dramatically. farmers would protect their financial interests and cull them big time.
  13. Great Neighbours!

    I'll boil a few kettles in case we get a power outage in Scotland.
  14. Criminals replaced by criminals

    Yep his trusted lieutenants are due to take over. Very sad.
  15. Great Neighbours!

    How's it going? You zapped him yet?