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  1. the wifes merc

    Smart replyirist.
  2. Deerhound / Greyhound

    Looks like a first boss to me mate.
  3. Sciatica....,

    I've got arthritis in various parts of my body, but I feel a lot better after reading the above posts.
  4. the wifes merc

    Bloody ageist!
  5. Snow is here

    Good for the kids to get out and do a bit of retrieving with the dogs.
  6. celebrity juice

    Complete sleazeball. The women he has on the show need to take a look at themselves. He humiliates them with pure filth and they have to laugh to pick up their money. Makes me feel uncomfortable. Only watched it once, made me feel squirmy.
  7. Deerhound / Greyhound

    Marvel, you been on the Buckie?
  8. Celebrity Hunter Outrage (Canadian Edition)

    I thought I'd never be content releasing salmon. Now, quick photo, back she goes. I'm quite happy. Just takes a little psychological adjustment. Having said that, dead trophies often sustain populations of animals. Cecil was a good example, kept people in work and lions in existence.
  9. Deerhound / Greyhound

    Do you know anything about the dog's pedigree ? I checked out the bitch, there's a lot of Maldini data. They seem to have a lot of the 'Droopy's' prefix in them.
  10. Celebrity Hunter Outrage (Canadian Edition)

    Aye, cats always seem to retain their dignity and their air of superiority even when they are in a desperate straits.
  11. Celebrity Hunter Outrage (Canadian Edition)

    I thought it had been photoshopped until I saw the video. f***ing brilliant shot.
  12. The rangers!!!

    I know all about it mate. But like religious hatred the world over, you've got to just move on. Otherwise it will continue for ever. Don't bring your son up with it mate. Do him a favour. He doesn't need that monkey on his back.
  13. The rangers!!!

    Nil By Mouth. A Glasgow charity which seeks to stir senseless sectarian 'slagging off' and violence. Leave it our mate. It's Christmas. http://nilbymouth.org/
  14. Sorry mods please move to General Section. (Again Doh! )