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  1. Ferrets Free

    the ferrets have all gone now thanks
  2. Ferrets Free

    Ferrets ready for working free to good home I am in chesterfield
  3. does anyone work this cross of lurcher and what do you think off the cross
  4. which one is the best working cross out of the two
  5. Working Bedlington Terrier

    hi where can you get a good working bedlington terrier pup from
  6. hi does anyone work this cross of lurcher and what do you think of the cross
  7. Puppy Jabs

    hi has anyone got any puppy jabs for sale
  8. Lurcher Pups Food

    what the best food for 8 week old lurcher pups
  9. Bull Greyhound

    the lurcher has gone now
  10. Bull Greyhound

    black and white bull greyhound dog 7 months old free to good home
  11. Dry Coat

    That is chudleys working crunch
  12. Dry Coat

    Hi feed them on chiclets working crunch
  13. Dry Coat

    what the best oil to put on my dog food to get rid of a dry skin
  14. Whippet X Greyhound

    well they are not like collie feet tight what do you think of greyhound feet bad or good
  15. Whippet X Greyhound

    hi my whippet greyhound has feet are like the greyhound not tight like the whippet how can i get better feet with breeding form her