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  1. Hello from Portugal

    Bem vindo!
  2. Wheatens

    Hudson71 - I appreciate your comments on my pup but I can assure you she’s more than stocky enough and nothing like what a wheaten x Greyhound pup looks like... If your the person I’m thinking of I know what wheatens you got, who bred them, what lines they are from and I know about their sire and dam... The lads that bred them are nice lads and I was offered a pup a year or so ago from their dogs. Them lads have been up to Latharna several times to see his dogs and have requested to purchase pups of him in the past.
  3. Wheatens

    PO.k - I didn’t say there was only 1 kennel of wheatens, what I said was that in my opinion there really isn’t another line of working wheatens and I wouldn’t go elsewhere (as I doubt many of these working wheatens are judged to the same standard their ancestors were). Also, just to clarify the last 3 studs used on the mans yard were bred by him or were down from his dogs.. Wheatens - Let me worry about my business and what I do and don’t do and you worry about yours, if your that pedantic don’t see why your even on here mentioning all these wheatens that you see working every week in a public forum. Just to add Latharna has seen this thread and has offered the both of you the chance to meet him to see his dogs, talk wheatens face to face and to clarify any questions you have on his line of dogs...
  4. Can you pm me plz

  5. Wheatens

    Going around in circles... standard for thl! let me worry about who I know and who I don’t and what I’ve seen and what I haven’t. Your not keen to post a picture of all of these working wheatens you speak of but your more than happy to keep mentioning the working side of things 🤔 Anyway we will agree to disagree... all the best 👍🏼
  6. Wheatens

    P.O.k & Wheatens - I didn’t know you had to own a breed of dog to know the lads that work them and own them 😂 thank you for your concerns re my pup working but don’t you mind that, it’s none of your concern. As I said in a previous comment lots of questions but no answers to my original questions 🙄 It’s one of them, we will have to agree to disagree.. all the best lads
  7. Wheatens

    PO.k & Wheatens - Many lads have posted pictures of their wheatens on here over the years, look back on other wheaten threads. Lots of questions but no answers to what I asked and re your comment “there’s plenty off working lines” with all due respect never heard so much B.S. Anyway all the best pal
  8. Wheatens

    Can you share some pics of these working wheatens you see working? Are they working and being judged to the same standard as their ancestors? And what lines are they? I know a few of the lads that have them now and as I said apart from a few here and there working, there really isn’t another working line as such and therefore I wouldn’t go elsewhere for one...
  9. Wheatens

    You don’t happen to know the name of the dam do you?
  10. Wheatens

    Very nice looking animal there Mossy... what lines is he?
  11. Wheatens

    I’ve seen plenty of show wheatens and a few which were supposedly down from other “working” lines and none compared to the ones I’ve seen bred by the Gentleman that bred my bitch. They are big & strong but above all are everything a wheaten should be not only in looks but also in heart...
  12. Wheatens

    il post more pics of her as she gets older....
  13. Wheatens

    Another 1 of her
  14. Wheatens

    Rebel - Thank you very much
  15. Wheatens

    She’s my first wheaten and so far is a cracking little bitch, as you say the wheaten coat definitely hides what a top dog they are. She was bred by Latharna