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  1. Flying

  2. Dog Mess

    Thats f***ing grim mate I know but better in their bin then mine, did laugh to myself the other night just pulled off the drive leaving for work, bag of dog shit in the passenger footwell ready to dump in the bin and see a mate, only wanted a lift to the shop.......... he jumped in and started heaving, he thought I'd farted I couldn't stop laughing didn't have the heart to tell him between his legs is a bag of shit and not my lunch for work 🤣🤣😂😂
  3. Dog Mess

    i was putting it in the black bin but it started to stink come end of the week and the flies were coming in the house, so changed to tying a bag to the fence and fillling that up come end of the day on my way to work ( work nights ) I ll stick it in the bin outside the paki shop, seems to be working but driving to the shop with the windows down in the pissing down rain ain't the one!!! Thought about sticking it down the man hole but mines in the conservatory so it will be a pain the arse lifting it every day as it's tiled over Went thru a faze of flushing it down the toilet but mines upstairs and the wife soon got pissed off me walking thru the house and upstairs with a lump of dog shit
  4. Embarasing Things We've Done

    Ginger beard ...... I am still chuckling to myself over that post a day later 😂😂😂 fcuking classic!!!
  5. Nice Bloke

    I can't stand cats but fcuking hell thats abit naughty! 😵😵
  6. Lol

    One in the black took a good few to the face at the start 😂
  7. Met Anyone Famous?

    See loads all the time come thru work ( airport ) lastest being Floyd Mayweather, got off his private jet and dished out 100 dollar bills to anyone and everyone there!
  8. Pride

    You're not far from me I'm near dunstable. My mate used to live on Bletchley used to do shift work in North London. He had a people carrier and used to so.stores leave home around 4 am to get to work. One Sunday morning he comes up to pink punters terse and there is a line of taxis outside and he can't get by do waits at the back of the line. Suddenly the passenger door opens and in gets a 20 stone man in a dress demanding to be taken home my mate wsnt terrified as the bloke was drunk and slightly aggressive so he drove him up to Hockliffe which was on his route stopped by McDonald's and told him he was home. Bloke refused to pay as well! We're at the top end of MK and the good lady's old mum lives in Dunstable, so we're regular visitors. Well have to get together some time......hopefully not at Pink Punters ! I am in, I ain't to far from you lads.......... meet you at the 'Greenhouse' http://www.gay-sauna.com/ 🤣😂
  9. Funny Lol

  10. Cctv

    You gotta be careful tho 😂 Just laughing to myself ........... I put the doorbell one up few weeks ago and my lad wanted the day off school so we waited til his mum had gone off to work and i rang up to say he wouldn't be in ( his class was on a school trip that he missed out on and his attendance is spot on before you all jump on me ) so one day ain't going to do no harm! Anyway..... I work nights so go to bed, the dopey sod ordered a pizza at 12ish answered the door not realising his mother gets the notifications on her Iwatch ha ha within seconds she was ringing me wanting to know why he was off school 😳 Half asleep I said he feels sick.......... so why he eating a pizza then!!! Ffs
  11. Cctv

    You get motion range thing on your mobile and you can set it to what you need and turn bits off it's hard to explain but sure there will be a video on you tube to explain it better
  12. Cctv

    Yeah you can, will be ideal for what you need by the sound of things, tbh I turn the notifications off on my phone with the garage one and turn it back on at night when the kids/dogs are locked up for the night otherwise your phone will be non stop texts telling you a Motion is in your garden
  13. Cctv

  14. Cctv

    I have cctv on the house ( wired ) but recently just brought these 'Ring' cctv, brought a doorbell and a 'stick up cam' for the garage....... pleased with it, you have to charge them up but both been up 3 weeks and still loads of battery left! Works off your WiFi, you can see and speak to whoever is at your door, and also the garage one! Both have live view so you can see at anytime what's going on, they work on Motion aswell Only thing is you need half decent wifi and a smart phone! Was taking a sh@t this morning and told the parcel man to leave it over the gate...... all while sitting on the toilet 😂
  15. Whose Side You On?

    Model 'punched by bouncer' denies provoking the attack http://dailym.ai/2pY6elx