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  1. Falcon Fn12

    Gun still for sale, pm me and I will send pictures across through WhatsApp cheers
  2. Hawking Gear

    Yes mate
  3. Falcon Fn12

    It's .22. I'll try and get a picture up tonight mate
  4. Falcon Fn12

    Falcon fn12 Hawke sport hd sights Pcp pump £300 Sunderland
  5. Hawking Gear

    Bow perch what stabs into the floor Couple of aviary perches Training purch Glove Bag Creance £50 for the lot
  6. New Dog

    Some melon on him
  7. Out With Pups

    Very nice pups mate
  8. Sh1T Night

    Rip jess
  9. Prospects

    Looks like a dog I really miss, lineage unknown Where in he country you from? I'm from the north east mate, he's lakey fell x lakey pat
  10. Prospects

    My prospect
  11. Update On My Litter

    A dog out the litter
  12. Marshall

    I've got called rubble. Well have the paw patrol team in no time haha
  13. First Cross Wheaten X Greyhound

    My bad lads, the dogs not for sale
  14. Update On My Litter

    I'm still waiting on pictures of the others, this season coming will be there first proper one