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  1. Does Carophyll Keep.

    put the drinker as low down in cage as possible ,take the bath away, or put it in softfood . sprinkle some on a piece of apple all work,,,,, just find whats easier for you
  2. Does Carophyll Keep.

    used 3yr caro with no problem kept in dark dry container
  3. 10 Month Old Now

    nice dog that fella hope he turns out as good has he looks
  4. Vikings

    vikings back on last night season 4 ep 11
  5. Tv Series, What's Everyone Watching?

    watching a few new series , frontier .the guy of game of thrones jason mamoa is init its well made also shooter based on the film looks good so far . salem back on
  6. Nostalgia Is Not What It Used To Be.

    kids they dont know there born during my day lmao
  7. Series (Power)

    yep ment to say season 4 lol
  8. Series (Power)

    yes watched both seasons totally enjoyed it roll on season 3 deff recommend it
  9. Whats The Best Diesel Engine In A Focus Estate

    you want a older focus 18 tddi there bullet proof the injectors in the 1.8 tcdi are crap
  10. Nigel Is Back

    one of our elite numptys on tv said farage was terrible tday in his talk and shud be no where near the talks to leave ,?????? why cause his got a backbone not like them slimy elite twats
  11. Sertraline

    was on 50 felt no different went onto 100 fck me thort every day something bad was gona happen, they went in the bin
  12. found it was a better animal with collie in it well mine was, many a happy day & nite spent
  13. Vikings

    vikings back on history channel season 4 :boogy:
  14. after dealing with MACS PUNCHBAR CAGE FRONTS of swindon i am at the end of my sanity with him and decided to name and shame him for what he his a thief and a conman 4 times i have dealt with this c..k only that u carnt get it anywhere other than him : when your stuff does arrive usually after trying to phone for days, its been wrong , short on stuff i have paid for or parts missing. caught him today he was going ring me back soon as to sort it still waiting never rings u back he has a load of excuses ready for u his great at them so please be warned the man will take your money atb jeff ps i carnt be the only 1 his had
  15. Aldo V Mcgregor???

    he was beat even before he stepped in the cage told ye