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  1. Pups

    rough with the smooth perfect combination they my type of mutts it all in the eyes
  2. A message from Gnasher.

    he definatly got 3 years i posted part of a news article about it on here but everybody went histerical at me and it got took down when it was people what new him personally on a west ham forum had already posted it on therelol he be crying in his porridge bowl at how West Ham doing lately lol
  3. Lump On Leg

    seen this type lumps before vet told me they often just fatty grissle deposits and leave alone if it not bothering the dog it makes sense why interfere
  4. New layout

    is this the fight club forum now how many lads of here have you had fights with south and dusty ? and socks you call names and swear you don't in the same sentence ffs
  5. For Sale Football Manager. Or free to good (no any) home

    my lad follows united with the youths today more are in favour of mourinho than against him
  6. New Season In France

    Great pictures biase nice to see
  7. How Is Your Season Shaping Up.

    started one up last week what needs some patients apart from that steady same as most years
  8. New layout

    Yeh right like i be bothered what the lads think pmsl and socks you always calling names tough man fact
  9. New layout

    you a grown man calling names on a forum talking about rideing each other mums and you call me pathetic weak lol
  10. Absolutely Heartbroken

    Had the same years ago waste of a working dog life at least go doing what they love sorry for your loss
  11. New layout

    like I said usual idiots usual shite but different colour lol
  12. Michael Mcintyre.

    Fooking idiot shaking his head all the time make you want to give him a slap Boyle the man
  13. New layout

    It don't seem much different to me i don't see what all the fuss about all the same idiots chatting all the same shite just in different colours is all
  14. How much ?

    compared to other things working dogs have not really gone up in price over the years i paid 250 for a patterdale pup 25 years ago and could prob get one for similar now today no 500 not too high for the right dog
  15. Pup No Interest

    lmao send them a list of lads names off here what plead to get dog lads name and shamed