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  1. stolen terriers

    hope you get them back mate only happened to me once you think it never be you but so much scum out there these days
  2. View From Your Dig

    Pmsl nice one lee never came across a boiled egg down a hole yet
  3. My name is Lenny..

    people fall out get over it ffs i seriously doubt a guy what mixes in the type of company he does will start slapping lads what gossip about him on web i sure I am safe you lads to lol
  4. My name is Lenny..

  5. Terrier box

    Does anybody have a number for terrier boxes or fronts suppliers in the north east have not bought one in years
  6. favourite type of working terrier and why?

    I always had a soft spot for Russell's but now I am not breed blind a good Russell is no better or worser than a good patt I just see more good patts so that what I stuck but I still would take a good dog of any breed in a flash apart from these parsons lol
  7. The Midland Game Fair

    the better shows i have been are where you already are mate
  8. Wheatens

    if it over 4 or 5 generation ago it will not show on a ped but whose to say the blood is not there from before that is why a pedigree not worth the paper it's written on
  9. Dirty protest

    no I don't think so number 1 I rarely go the match any more number 2 am toilet trained and 3 I don't think gnash be released anytime soon lol
  10. A message from Gnasher.

    lobster this is fun but me wagons loaded now tara for now
  11. A message from Gnasher.

  12. A message from Gnasher.

    i made 1 commentyou fool gnasher the type bloke what gets gossiped on like you say he not be bothered if he not confronted direct prob be same on here hey are all the lads what send me message asking stuff about gnash are they all rats to ? or just same as the rest of us gossiping about a guy some yous such hippocrits
  13. A message from Gnasher.

    you better watch his online p.a socks does not say you won't say that if he not locked up lol you right his vain he would say his just a scruffy lad off a council estate but had a p.a minders drivers the lot sometimes he would hire a private helicopter to go to away football games ffs flash git long forgot about people on council estates
  14. Pups

    rough with the smooth perfect combination they my type of mutts it all in the eyes
  15. Lump On Leg

    seen this type lumps before vet told me they often just fatty grissle deposits and leave alone if it not bothering the dog it makes sense why interfere