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  1. Sushi Sashimi

    Tidy looking snap that Mackem
  2. Coming or going ???

    Will turn a few heads I'm sure
  3. Mink drinking

    Stunning work
  4. The great British shooting show

    not a bad spot to mooch around but trying to buy anything was shit to say the least, no Warne high scope mounts anywhere, no harris bipods, no cartridges? and no breakfast as promised but it got me out for the day and put face to name
  5. The great British shooting show

    I bet he's wishing he never said he will buy breakfasts for any of the lads from THL who turn up eh?
  6. The great British shooting show

    Get there early and it will cost Walshie even more for breakfasts
  7. head wrecker

    Think I know who you mean, I sold them a bull x a few years back and sorted them with a terrier about 5-6 years since, they have been to my place a few times over the years
  8. head wrecker

    Adam form where lol, never heard of him, Don't think I know anybody from there, well not that I know of anyway. If she goes anywere near my watch she will get even less next year lol. I know a few from the south cave / north cave market weighton from my dogging days
  9. head wrecker

    The stock will not be getting shortend Si, he can grow into it that way the rifle can be used by myself my lad and the grandson. It has taken it's place in his bedroom next to his nerf guns lol with strict instructions that it cannot be used unless he's there. His words were " it's my gun grandad you've got your own" that was me told lol. Thanks again Si / Jimmy. forgot to add, told him when he has learned to shoot with it as it is, then he will get scopes and not until
  10. The great British shooting show

    I was merely thinking of you Rich, buying breakfast would easier than watching the slippery fcuker, I am from the north east, not a true Yorkshireman, but I'm working on it lol
  11. The great British shooting show

    Make it Sunday Rich, that way you can buy breakfast while I keep my eyes on the Cnut
  12. Another school shooting in America

    Lol cannot avoid them Muslims they pop up in every topic lol
  13. Another school shooting in America

    Apart from target shooting Ted what other reason would there be to have an handgun? Over here anyway. I have shot for more years than I can remember and I have never thought it was a good idea for pistols to be kept anywhere else except the range. Why would we in the uk need a pistol at home? unlike the states we can cannot defend ourseleves or property with hand guns, so no need for them to be kept at home or to be carried around. ATB........Del
  14. Another school shooting in America

    Guns are in the hands of the public albeit rifles and shotguns, ok that crack pot who shot the children at Dunblane used a hand gun and after that hand guns were banned. What if somebody decided they wanted to out and shoot folks the same damage could be done with a semi auto shotgun could it not? It's not the guns that are the problem it's the people with the guns. Should we ban all guns including sporting guns? Sensible people don't go around killing folk for fun, fcuking idiots do, if an idiot cannot get a gun a sword knife machete will do the job. But I will agree with you on one thing SH, I agree with the handgun ban no need for joe public to have a .357 .44 or 9mm in the house
  15. The great British shooting show

    Assumptions can be confusing at times, so just to clear the air............Richard was right...................you're it
  16. Congratulations Tom Daley

    I wonder what physcological effect it has on a child being brought up by two blokes, the ridicule they will get during their school years must be agony for them. I wonder if these two dads actually gave that any thought or they to wrapped up in themselves to give a fcuk?
  17. Another school shooting in America

    Ban as many knives as you like it won't stop people carrying them, a few years back it was passed that you could get 5 years for carrying certain knives for the wrong reason, that has not stopped them from being carried. Handguns were banned what has that solved? Nothing, gun crime has increased since. If folk want to kill, banning weapons won't stop them
  18. Charming

    Oops seem's like I've done it again, Decided to treat myself to a new watch and not thinking it's valentines, but why would I ? Anyway got the word off her indoors "what did you buy me"? after a moments pause had to confess and tell her the truth, " nothing" off she goes upstairs in a sulk lol, she comes back afetr 10 minutes and say's do you fancy a nice romantic night in? "yes" I said, what you gonna do? FCUK OFF you ignorant prick she shouts not seen her since, women eh will never understand them.
  19. Squirting.. I'm not really into it😂

    I think you have to much time on your hands lol, but back to the question..........bigger the squirt the better, saying that a trickle is better than a kick in the teeth
  20. Charming

    Her words Jimmy lol.........are all you northern men foul mouthed lol...............I said no love.......just that cnut
  21. Charming

    I will still get my leg over, wear my new watch and save a tenner lol
  22. The great British shooting show

    Already on it Rich, taking my pal with me as I don't think one pair of eyes will be enough to watch the slippery fcuker
  23. Holidays next year.

    Scarborough Bridlington or Filey for me, all within 10 minute drive for me, wife wants to go back to Cyprus, hope she goes lol
  24. F.A.O Si Brown

    Thanks for that tonight Si grandson will love it, hope the burger was not to spicey for you