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  1. Parker vs Joshua

    I hope not, why should he? Does he deserve it? No, has he earned it? no, Why should he be given a big pay. If he wants a pop at a world title he wants to get off his ass get his body and head in shape prove to himself and the boxing world he's worthy of a title shot and not trash talk himself into a fight. Deep down I hope he does get himself put right, but I can't see it.
  2. ruby fibre optic shogun bead

    Only as long as you point the shotgun in the right direction past experiences yeah I think they can help.
  3. New BSA

    Can never get my head around the prices of these air rifles............£350 gets you a mint AApro sport if you now the right man lol Why pay over a grand for a rifle thats the same power as a £350 one and maybe only a few milimeters more accurate at the best? people keep paying silly money and the prices will just keep going up and up
  4. The great British shooting show

    All falling into place now
  5. The great British shooting show

    We were only in Wetherspoons 2 minutes before Walshie called some bloke a fat bastar* and took his chair from the table, I hey up here we go lol
  6. Sushi Sashimi

    Tidy looking snap that Mackem
  7. Coming or going ???

    Will turn a few heads I'm sure
  8. Mink drinking

    Stunning work
  9. The great British shooting show

    not a bad spot to mooch around but trying to buy anything was shit to say the least, no Warne high scope mounts anywhere, no harris bipods, no cartridges? and no breakfast as promised but it got me out for the day and put face to name
  10. The great British shooting show

    I bet he's wishing he never said he will buy breakfasts for any of the lads from THL who turn up eh?
  11. The great British shooting show

    Get there early and it will cost Walshie even more for breakfasts
  12. head wrecker

    Think I know who you mean, I sold them a bull x a few years back and sorted them with a terrier about 5-6 years since, they have been to my place a few times over the years
  13. head wrecker

    Adam form where lol, never heard of him, Don't think I know anybody from there, well not that I know of anyway. If she goes anywere near my watch she will get even less next year lol. I know a few from the south cave / north cave market weighton from my dogging days
  14. head wrecker

    The stock will not be getting shortend Si, he can grow into it that way the rifle can be used by myself my lad and the grandson. It has taken it's place in his bedroom next to his nerf guns lol with strict instructions that it cannot be used unless he's there. His words were " it's my gun grandad you've got your own" that was me told lol. Thanks again Si / Jimmy. forgot to add, told him when he has learned to shoot with it as it is, then he will get scopes and not until