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  1. some of the deer we have had

    That was'nt a slagging Ken lol, just passing comment. Now if I was to comment on Walshies shooting...............that would be a slagging.........Only joking David............I think
  2. some of the deer we have had

    As above Les, like Sussex said anybody can pull a shot wether that be a dodgy round slight delflection or inexperience, but when you put up a post with the title " some of the deer we have had" folk will comment on the post. If for example that had been shot by yourself or somebody you had taken out, maybe a small write up surrounding the circumstances of the stalk would have cleared up any doubt surrounding the shot. I have aslo shot hundreds of deer and I will hold my hands up and be honest all of them have not been the best of shots nor the cleanest of kills, it happens, like somebody else has previously said " what happened next is what matters. Keep posting, but be ready for the critics as well as the pat on the backs lol. ATB Del.
  3. The Sunday special

    You must have the healthiest tape worm in the UK ffs
  4. please be carful

    I don't get this men suits or stone masons are bigger crooks than gypsies, or gypsies are bigger crooks because of their breeding and reputations. Judge people on their actions not their way of lifestyle or what fecking suit they wear. I know men who are loaded and dress sharper than a stanley knife blade, the same man would take your eyes out, on the other hand I know one or two travellers who don't have a lot but would do you a favour or share what they have got. That being said it could be also totally reversed. Judge by actions not appearances or hearsay
  5. some of the deer we have had

    Hopefully that was shot by somebody taking a deer for there first time and nerves got the better of them, and not taken by an experienced shooter.
  6. Another school shooting in America

    The fella is getting slated because he was outside for 0r taking cover for 4 minutes, yes 4 MINUTES, put yourself in his place he hears automatic gunfire and kids and teachers screaming in school corridors, the noise must be echoing all around them corridors kids running everywhere, you think 4 minutes is to long to try and asses the situation and where the shots are comig from? wonder what would have happend if he had gone all gung ho and they found a kid with a 9mm round in them who got caught in the crossfire............was he right or wrong to wait 4 minutes he was there..........one thing for certain the media who are reporting this were not there but ones things for sure they will have a bad guy to help sell newspapers
  7. Another school shooting in America

    9mm v 5.56 semi auto AR15 and people in here give the impression that they would have just blindly ran in, I wonder what would happen if this scenario became a reallity for some?
  8. some of the deer we have had

    Not the best shot placement is it
  9. please be carful

    If you piss off any of the travellers I know they won't poison your dog, but you might need the assistance of a dentist, don't listen to horror stories of the big bad gypsies
  10. Another school shooting in America

    I would not believe anything that comes from the media without being able to substantiate it. Let the investigation run it's course then all will become evident. The above media report says " peterson who stands over 6ft tall was outside the building for four minutes" what has his height got to do with anything? unless they are trying to say the taller the man the braver he should be? media have the nasty habit of a creating juicy headlines in the heat of the moment to sell papers.
  11. Parker vs Joshua

    I hope not, why should he? Does he deserve it? No, has he earned it? no, Why should he be given a big pay. If he wants a pop at a world title he wants to get off his ass get his body and head in shape prove to himself and the boxing world he's worthy of a title shot and not trash talk himself into a fight. Deep down I hope he does get himself put right, but I can't see it.
  12. ruby fibre optic shogun bead

    Only as long as you point the shotgun in the right direction past experiences yeah I think they can help.
  13. New BSA

    Can never get my head around the prices of these air rifles............£350 gets you a mint AApro sport if you now the right man lol Why pay over a grand for a rifle thats the same power as a £350 one and maybe only a few milimeters more accurate at the best? people keep paying silly money and the prices will just keep going up and up
  14. The great British shooting show

    All falling into place now