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  1. Wee tribute to the old boy

    Cheers for that
  2. Advice on Food

    Road work beside a bike
  3. Wee tribute to the old boy

    Out of curiosity,what kinda money is it to take straws from a animal
  4. Are you the lad with the Plummer bitch if so are you still digging her
  5. Anyone try them cyclops hunting lamps
  6. Nosey Pricks

    Get there cctv pics up here someone might know the c**ts
  7. Rabbit Skins

    road kill
  8. Beware

    what kinda money did that piece of kit cost you mole
  9. New Season In France

    What age would you normally start your dogs on badgers Blaise?
  10. Feeding Pups.

    I'd hate to see the search history on your computer
  11. Farm Ratter

    Local pound or rescue center
  12. Dilly did you ever have any problems or fears digging sandy earths like that.have a good few earths that are sandy like that but usually twice as deep but simple digging .never had a problem yet touch wood.