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  1. Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    Yes apologies, I didn't see that.Thanks
  2. Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    Yes apologies, I didn't see that.Thanks
  3. Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    Thanks for reply?
  4. Ruger M77 Mk 11 308

    How old is it please?Approx round count etc?
  5. Beretta Silver Pigeon 2

    Where in Pembs?
  6. Interesting, did do some Whitetail hunting in Nova Scotia using apples for bait.A fricking huge Black Bear ate a load of them!
  7. Drinks Chiller

    Ha shame too far.
  8. Dsc1 Manual

    Here ye are! https://dmq.org.uk/download.htm
  9. Dsc1 Manual

    All the current questions can be downloaded free from the DMQ website.
  10. Fao Roe Buck

    Apparently your inbox is full you need to delete some messages.
  11. Cz 511 Semi Auto 22 Lr

    Still available?
  12. Baikal 12 Gauge

    Any better pics?
  13. Cz 511 Semi 22Lr

    Had one for years good vehicle gun for bunny bashing.Have to be honest,my little bolt action Anshutz carbine p--sed on it for accuracy.100 yd+ bunnies were so easy with that little beauty!
  14. 2 X Aya 25's Side By Sides

    What are the chokes for each barrel please?
  15. Yet Another 7 Pointer.

    Yes just as well as they normally get riddled with the maggot.
  16. Tidy!Good opportunity for some folk in that neck of the woods.
  17. Yet Another 7 Pointer.

    I think the best thing about that Perruque head is that it was shot and put out of its misery,grotesque! The mask says it all methinks!
  18. Ruger 10/22 Stainless Synthetic

    Is this sold please?
  19. Swap Aya 12G Sbs For Deben Mk3 And Nets Etc

    Hmm, think its a No 4 boxlock if its an ejector or No 3 if a non-ejector?
  20. A Varied Morning.

    Truly a "Mixed Bag " days like that just stay in the memory.
  21. Fabarm Beta Lux, For Sale

    That's a very reasonable price for a unusual multichoked side by side.What chokes have you?
  22. Croeso i'r Forum Bethan, plenty of info and laughs here,watch for the cursing mind!
  23. Rizzini Shotgun For Sale

    You have P.M.
  24. Best Vension?

    Its got to be Roe saddle for me just a couple of mins either side in a hot pan.Bendigedig !( Wonderful.) 1(Wonderful)