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  1. NV holdover

    Rabid, I worked for many years supplying in IT related sales and treated all my customers with respect, so don't see why I should stop now.
  2. NV holdover

    It's really easy to say anything you like on line, so an argument is pointless, but anyone who likes is welcome to come and look at the complete range. If they want to bring down any other manufacturers products to do a comparison I am also happy with that.
  3. NV holdover

    The ATN X-Sights and MARS thermal scopes all have the same three options. 1) Choose a reticule with aimpoints and learn what they relate to the same as with any day scope. The reticule acts as though it is in the second focal plane, ie stays the same size as you zoom the image, so you need to allow for the same way you do with a SFP day scope. 2) Once you have input your ballistic coefficients, scope height etc, you can input the distance you have estimated the target to be at and the ballistic calculator with move the aim point accordingly. There is also an option to aim to the top and bottom of you target and have the scope calculate the range according to the angle each time, but that relies on you knowing or estimating your target size. 3) As method two, but use the ATN rangefinder. Just range the target and the rangefinder tells the scope via Bluetooth and the scope adjusts the aimpoint for you. And to make method three even more effective, attach the rangefinder to the side of the scope and allign it with the scopes aimpoint. That way you never need to look through the rangefinder, simply aim the scope and press the rangefinder button. Anyone who wants to try this is welcome to give me a call.
  4. Thermal Spotter on a Budget.

    They don't have anything below a thousand, but if you want to try all the ATN scopes there is an open evening at the Little Brown Jug in Tonbridge next Tuesday. http://www.opticalsolutions.uk/index.php?route=information/eventslittlebrownjug
  5. Night Vision Demo Friday 10th in Suffolk

    Let me know when you are next down in Suffolk. I can show you everything at Felixstowe, or give John Bidwell a call as I am sure he won't mind you looking at them at High Lodge are long as they aren't attached to the top of a rifle.
  6. Just in case anyone wants to try the ATN thermal scopes or see the latest Spartan bipods/tripod and is anywhere near Suffolk this Friday...... http://www.opticalsolutions.uk/index.php?route=information/eventsbranthambull
  7. Doctor Gets Cancer An Refuses Chemo

    I used to be poor, didn't have a job or car, didn't wash and didn't get up before midday..... ...then I started walking past a church each day and suddenly had money, a purpose in life and was always up by 7am and showered every day.. That's either proof of god, or (as some cynics might claim) purely due to me finishing University :)
  8. Can't Decide On A Scope

    probably the 2x if running boar are your main target.
  9. 14 Point Red Stag Antlers

    The simplest way is to kidnap an English deer, smuggle him into Scotland, tape the antlers on and then let him find his own way home I can send you a muntjac from Suffolk if you like, but I am not sure how strong their necks are.....
  10. 14 Point Red Stag Antlers

    I think it was shot in Australia....
  11. This Is How To Deal With Sabs ........

    He deserves a pint
  12. Torys Loosing The Plot

    And why are they proposing a jail term for carrying acid for a SECOND time? Is there any good reason to carry it the first time?
  13. 17 Hornet

    If you sever the spinal column or destroy the brain a rabbit can spasm for around 30 seconds which can look a lot like it is trying to jump away. I have had this with a lot of head shots with a 17HMR, but it is clearly brain dead when there is clearly no brain left.
  14. Hi Yawl

    That's a lucky place to be hunting; a lot less bullet drop and much better terminal ballistics, but what do you shoot at on the moon?