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    I am currently training my black lab Corbie for shooting , beating and wildfowling. I fish for wild brownies on the fly in the summer months and in the past did loads of rabbiting with my lurcher. I have followed the Blencathra and Melbreak and would love to follow more foot packs given the chance. Interested in all fieldsports.
  1. Craggers (Ron Black)

  2. Log / Multi Fuel Burner

    MORSO , Squirrel Brilliant wee stove
  3. Ferreting

    No problem Spaniels are traditionally steadied and trained with a rabbit pen or in areas with plenty of rabbits to make sure they ignore them completely or are real steady to the stop whistle. So depending what you did with them ferreting or beating they would soon learn the difference. I have never ferreted with my lab but she naturally marks holes and retrieves any young rabbits she finds when we are out. Labs by their nature are generally pretty steady , quiet and patient so could be good ferreting dogs , most are pretty soft mouthed so ideal for holding one in the net. Were Lab x lurchers not really popular back in the seventies and eighties ?
  4. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    This is more pics of my lab. She beats and picks up on local driven pheasant shoots and I take her wildfowling
  5. Dog Jabs

    The vets have the latest and best Vaccines and if you speak to them even these aren't 100% guaranteed.
  6. Lab Doesn't Want To Pick Up Anymore

    Hi I think the best advice is from Casso is to have fun with him . Sounds like you've confused him a little and at the same time over done it with the retrieving . Just muck about, and build up the bond and his trust and then when you go back to it go easy and try different dummy's, different locations . I over did it with retrieves whilst training mine and she got bored .
  7. First Dog

    Hi mate Go along and see what the ground , terrain and cover are like. See what dogs , the experienced beaters and picker uppers are using and what suits the shoot the best and what suits you. Enjoy your shoot days .
  8. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    This is my 6 year old lab bitch.
  9. Beaters Day / Proud Dad

    Thanks She is 12. She has been beating on two local shoots for the last 4 years . She knows the drives , can keep the line and face thick cover. She loves it , she can despatch birds , load the game cart and work the dog. This pic was from keepers day and she was mentored by a close family friend who is an experienced game shot and deer stalker. Look at the average age of beaters , guns and picker up team on a shoot day . We need to get as many kids into it as possible.
  10. Nice Look Out

    That could be true about the brownies in Argentina. As they start to run to the sea for better feeding . The vast majority of brownies that go on to be sea trout are hen fish. I read an article about Argentina and it was rainbows that were stocked into their lakes / lochs and they are now breeding as wild rainbows just like New Zealand and they average over 12lb.
  11. Shed Antler Hunting

    We were back on the hill today and she found a few good ones . She wasn't happy I stopped to take her pic as she was carrying the big one. I haven't trained her she just started finding them and retrieving them.
  12. Shed Antler Hunting

    She found and retrieved another antler today on the hill
  13. Shed Antler Hunting

    My lab finds them and retrieves them. She has found loads of cast red antlers on the hill and in the woods. Roe antlers are a lot harder to find and I have only found 4 or 5 in all my time in the woods. If it's poor hill ground and high deer numbers the deer eat them as well . My son found a matching pair of cast red antlers a couple of years ago on a wooded bank. I think I posted the pic on the forum. They were laying side by side . The stag must have jumped down and cast them both at the same time.
  14. Certain Books Of Interest.

    If your interested in Highlands and highland wildlife especially deer . Lea MacNally - Highland Deer Forest and Highland Year are both full of good stuff from a man who spent his life on the hill. Everything from his time at the dens to watching eagles .
  15. Certain Books Of Interest.

    BB 's Tides Ending / Dark estuary and Manka the Sky Gypsy probably the best wildfowling books ever written. Ian Niall's , Poachers Handbook is a classic for kids. Hugh Falkus sea trout and salmon books are awesome reads for anyone interested in fishing Lurchers and Longdogs by Walsh , dated but first hunting book I read when I was a kid.