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  1. I miss the old days

    haven't you got nothing better to talk about you sound like a load of old woman , 60 or 70 it normily starts when you think life as passed you by, bet there some hard cu-ts amongst you lot
  2. I miss the old days

    blues on the settee,jack died a round 8 0r 9 year ago,chase was my mates dog,
  3. I miss the old days

    one got killed a few year ago hit a tree stump surrounded by nettles broke his neck, the other is lay on the settee behind me.
  4. I miss the old days

    I'm asking once again, did you go and see them run,and what area was it,
  5. I miss the old days

    and did they or was it bollocks, answer
  6. Pup caught on barbed wire fence

    yes but not in this case ,it was done on barbwire so the cut can not be that deep, theres a good chance its the swelling that makes it looks worse than what it is, sugar is unbelievable ,it help to pull the muscle together,
  7. Pup caught on barbed wire fence

    if its only an inch long including the skin,keep it clean and put sugar on it at least twice a day you won't believe the difference in a few days,most vets are there to rob you,try it
  8. Exquisite lurchers

    no she,s fine lives with the dogs in the garden,walk her some times with them, follows me ever where.
  9. Exquisite lurchers

    bryn killed it ,i only turned my back for a second , didn't go to waste thro ,good trust worthy dogs those malamutes
  10. Exquisite lurchers

    and you still got bit
  11. Can’t make it out

    if his dewclaws were playing up for that long you would notice, its a big bone like you thumb and they swell, you say theres no telling whats in the dogs head,il tell you how to find out,pick a 3 mile run with a few hills, run it against the clock every day for a month then that way you will get some idea
  12. Notts doorman

  13. Notts doorman

    you ever been on Britain got talent.bet your not even as hard my prick and I'm 70.like that bouncer any one can look good winning,its what you look like when your losing that counts
  14. H&M are in the s**t

    nothing wrong,if some one came to my house wearing that it would bring a smile, to him too i hope.iv got a 6 year old grandson with red hair, he as all ways been called carrot head,i told him if they ask you your name tell them its mister carrot to you,he's never once came home from school up set and he's as happy as a pig in shit,its the way were made to look at things,
  15. old and young

    possible, maybe the ferret choked him.