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  1. Age to own a rifle

    Thanks very much. Guess I'll be losing money. :)
  2. Age to own a rifle

    My son has just turned 18 and is nagging me to buy him a rifle. I wasn't sure what age you have to be to own a rifle. Does anyone know what the right age is to own a rifle?
  3. He's there... somewhere

    Nice read, well put together. Well done
  4. Fox Snaring

    I just bought snare wire for snaring foxes, but i just figured out that the wire is not flexible enough. When i make the snare and put my hand in through the loop to test it the wire kinks back and the loop loosens.I was wondering is there a such thing as small gadget to put on the wire to stop it from loosening?
  5. Fox cub shot with .223 Rem

    Great video. Good shot. Hope you get the rest of the cubs.
  6. Dimmer switch

    I've just bought a new hunting lamp that came with a red filter. I went hunting with a friend who had a lamp with a dimmer switch and a red filter and it worked a lot better than my own. I heard that a red filter and a dimmer switch is a good combination. The lamp didn't come with a dimmer switch so i was wondering if it was possible to buy a dimmer switch and fit it on the lamp?