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  1. The Dealer Dog

    well he didn't get them sitting at the fireMixedgrill, the man has started a thread looking to source lineage from working terriers. Is there any chance you could reframe from making every thread out to be a joke or a slagging match? There is some folk on here actually work there dogs and are serious about it. Stop holding it back.
  2. Apbt

    We're about in Dublin pal. Finglas im goin back down to wicklow in a few weeks cost of living too much up here lol lads got stuff here local but wanting ridiculous money for them at the minute They also know how to charge for stud fees.
  3. Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

    Send me details off lamps, need something strong for lamping foxes.
  4. What Is A Cork White Terrier

    It is what it is, who gives a toss? If lads have this line and they work them and get the sod turned over them on a regular basis it's up to themselves, and fair play to them. No one else intrudes apart from when it's brought up on here. opinions are like assholes, we know the rest of that sentence. Get out there let them go to do the job if they want too, if they're not up for it, colour or breeding doesn't come into it. Disappointment comes into it but the same factors remain, dust yourself off learn and continue and keep going forward.
  5. Not All Up For It.

    I don't buy that for one second.
  6. Not All Up For It.

    Same place? If a dog failed, there would be another terrier capable to sort the mess out entered. It's no joke when your preventing the loss off game birds from predators on estates, or any ground you've been given permission to do your duty. You can't walk away and go, ah well me dog jacked there but the vermin is still at large. Come back in a few weeks time and help you out mate. Hardly
  7. Wheatens

    It is what it is, this could be a good thread. Highly unlikely. I've seen enough and I don't have to second guess anyone when I know what people would clarify as a wheaten terrier, it would be a million miles away from some that is paraded today.
  8. Wheatens

    Seen a few lads with wheatens this last few years and to be honest they look like a biggish type Lakelands, ain't what I would call a wheaten, each to there own, just my personal opinion via observation.
  9. Observation

    yes I wish I'd dogs that would dig 3 out of 4 😂👍
  10. Observation

    It's hardly jealousy mate as the chap doesn't even know me. Hes just heard bits and pieces and puts his own wee spin on things or someone else does that prior to him hearing it. Then he comes on here thinks he has something and he can't even blurt it out. Just bs that's all. It's not the first time he's done it, few different occasions he's tried trolling different people on here with no luck. He thinks no one knows who he is but the games up now.
  11. Observation

    I'm not upset in the slightest i find it hilarious that your still going on about something that didn't happen but you can't say anything because your afraid to get someone into trouble 😂 As for my big mate who's that now? Come on give us all another laugh. You seem to think you know everything about someone you don't even know, bit of a fixation with me have you ? Lol
  12. Observation

    I'm surprised you hear anything at all last I heard your mates fked you off and you've no one to hunt with now.it's not like that we still talk to each other on the phoneStop telling porkies, the boys chased you because your a tube, you need to slack off the weed it's destroying your judgement.
  13. Observation

    Must be as just a hateful c**t offline as your online
  14. Observation

    I'm surprised you hear anything at all last I heard your mates fked you off and you've no one to hunt with now.
  15. Observation