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  1. Looking For Pedigrees of Patterdales

    I'd say your probably correct Sooty, my friend had a dog from a litter, Tipp Tim over a bitch that was out of Sam. That was '96' the pups where advertised in the countrymans weekly at the time.
  2. How any man could own and work away with a stolen dog is beyond me. Pleading ignorance isn't an excuse if someone has a dog they can't tell you how it's bred or where it came from unless they're good at telling lies. They'd need to have a long look at themselves.
  3. Few years back but did this fella ever get any of his dogs back? Bad carry on that, someone stealing another mans dogs is one thing but these stolen dogs don't vanish into thin air! They go somewhere and someone or people have them and they're just as bad as the thief in my eyes. There was a dog stolen from a friend of mine a long time ago now but we got the dog back lucky enough, best thing about it was his friend was the one had the dog taken. Too many scumbags about any wonder most men move in small circles.
  4. N.I. Guided Deer Stalking & Management - Sika / Fallow

    Best of luck mate 👍
  5. Searching for new places

    Bang on maxi👍 There's run of the mill places everyone knows in areas. I don't know where you're from yet there's lots of lads hunt in my area. Very few terrier men, but they try there best and think they are the best. That's the problem.. They run the places they've been shown by others that suits them. They even run the places off the beaten track that are, off that track, been found that where virgin and you'd got a first dig too and thought it was all sacred! Then you go back 8/10 wks later and it's been dug and the other spot maybe 5mile away the same! You smell a rat straight away, but you don't want to catch that rat then, you just want to go for a hunt with your dogs. That's when you're glad you never shown your whole hand. like a game of poker. Shouldn't be like that at all though! I've met some decent men threw the years I could count in one hand and I would never even contimplate heading back to where they brought me on there permission even though it would be very easy going back too and knock that farmers door and be welcomed. Too me that is a total disrespect. Some people are easy manipulated to show others spots on a day out with other people, that they know they're welcome but it's not there place. Let them work away, they've shown there cards. If that's the case. We ran a few and just had a 13ft out that only one dog has been taken out before, even one off mine didn't get a result in the same place few years back. At least you know what your dealing with. There's sound lads out there I know who they are just need to watch the sneaks and the sneaks are usually the ones that think they are something but the get others to do there dirty work and show them places usually young lads. I don't mind I happy and have more than enough ground, they can take it. I won't never go them places again, no point. The clock still ticks it's a new year and I wish them the best of luck because they'll need it. Always looking someone to bring them for a hunt so they can back track. Sorry, that's right, the lads I'm talking about hunt all year round don't yous 😁 Leave handy holes like Swiss cheese, best terriers about. 🤠 Atb.
  6. So who had the first of 2018 ????????

    Debo takes it. AT is only bluffing. If you fell into shite you'd come out smelling like roses ye bollicks.

    He fairly gets about mate don't he lol
  8. favourite type of working terrier and why?

    My aul Digger dog was no world beater Neil, yet I never laid anyone to think any different. He put more work on the bank in a season than some men's so called world beaters would do in half a dozen seasons! Quality or quantity? I had a black bitch at time that was impressive in any mans eyes, you let her drop in and she sorted it out. I'd never thought about putting my Lakeland over her. Pity I didn't by being stubborn and true to type. Lakeland wise, there wasn't any bitches good enough that where consistent enough to be bred from to compare. There was no bitches that I could find at the time. As for JRT ain't seen many goodun's in my time but I wouldn't say they're not out there. Plenty of bullx's where the fashion and still some about, but very little. Given enough work the majority of what I seen ended up mediocre at best.

    Suppose I'll have to put me own up then lol

    Hope you didn't cut me outta that photo ye bollicks ya 😂
  11. Bellman and Flint

    Nothing really, I used the new one for half a dozen digs smasher a few times my mate said it was off, but we always got the dog then one time we came in on the side and he made sure to say to me again about it, so that was my mind made up lol I swapped it for a red brick and that was that. Then he'd the cheek to say to me where's your other box I liked it lol
  12. Bellman and Flint

    Had the original pieps box never failed was always spot on, got the newer pieps sport and didn't like it the same. Gave my mate my old pieps, he still uses it and varies it with his Barryvox pulse whatever he grabs out at a stop. There's very little between the two though I would say the Barryvox has the edge, only to me it's annoying and I don't like using it as I'm usually not open to change. Another mate had the red brick and hated it, sold it straight away. I got myself a red brick to try out and have used it every time, so far I find it spot on. Atb
  13. Wheatens

    So you would rather use a squealy ass lurcher to draw at the end of a dig than a big dog? 😳Ok. I'd rather use neither.
  14. Wheatens

    Im still having trouble digesting this scenario. A 24lb wheaten terrier. 24lb the weight of a small staff, yet it was too large to fit up a 16inch concrete pipe! I can only imagine this specimen must have looked like something you'd see in an RSPCA advert 😂 You were hardly surprised when it didn't work lol
  15. Wheatens

    Things must be bad when you've to go to Ireland to get a deerhound x pup to catch a few bunnies back home 😂