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  1. Getting fed up

    It's the same here. Just think though lads the places where your going and struggling to catch the last couple of rabbits what are you gonna catch next season when there's no breeding stock?
  2. anybody work on the railways

    Sorry mate it was the grayrigg one I'm on about. Her nan was the only one to die. Having been to the crash site while the train was still there and stood next to it I'm still amazed only one person died.
  3. anybody work on the railways

    My missus grandparents were in the front carriage and her great nan was the lady who died. Unfortunately it's only her nan who's alive now but she's still in a bad way from the crash.
  4. anybody work on the railways

    If you do end up working on the lines please make sure you check any work you'e done is safe before you clock off for the weekend.
  5. New Season Of Peaky Blinders

    I can' believe they hung Arthur and Finn though, shocking plot twist.
  6. Litter of pups

    I thought you were going to swap this twat of mine and an xbox for the red dog pup? 😉
  7. Dodgy guts?

    So holding them in can make them loose?
  8. Jill’s wanted .. Yorkshire

    When I was a kid my mate had a little old blind poley hob which he used to just follow with the locator and mark an X every time he stopped for over ten seconds and then dig them out afterwards. Ive never seen a ferret kill as fast as that thing and luckily it was peat we were digging in not stoney ground.
  9. Dodgy guts?

    Kenneled mate, sod having this thing in the house. I've never known a dog like it, my other runners have been fine and just dropped the lot in one go and maybe another if your out a good while and same with my terriers?
  10. Dodgy guts?

    The psychotic womble had a lambs neck for tea last night about 11 ish and when I had him out for a fuss in the yard when I got home he did a typical bone fed turd. Just had him out round the roads now walking and he' done 4. 3 were boney and the third was dribbled down a tree impossible to pick up. If it was possible I'd say the twat does it on purpose. I have to plan my routes round fecking bins.
  11. Dodgy guts?

    At the moment he's getting beef mince, lamb on the bone and I'm trying a hypoallergenic biscuit to see if that helps. If he gets chicken he gets the squits big time. Hes done the same for 4 years now.
  12. One of the many traits this lurcher of mine has that annoys me is his bowel movement, on a normal round the block walk he does at least 3 sometimes 4 or 5 turds. They get progressively looser and it happens no matter what hes eaten. Any ideas what it could be? Can being highly strung cause it?
  13. Raw diet

    Biscuits don' clean their teeth mate, probably the opposite.
  14. What you listening to at the moment.

    This one came up as a suggested vid too. Some of it was filmed round my work.