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  1. Out with .22

    63 paces to the first one and just over80 for the one on the bank. I paced80 to the bottom of the embankment, forgot my range finder but estimated pretty well anyway. Shot was exactly where intended, so I was pleased with that one.
  2. Out with .22

    Yep, so many nay sayers out there Nathan. As you know.....
  3. Out with .22

    Just a quick mooch this afternoon. Took my little Anschutz and some mini mags. Plenty of rabbits about, but just wanted a couple for the pot. It was nice to feel a bit of early spring sunshine for a change.
  4. Out in the snow.

    Excellent stuff Nathan, thanks for sharing. Looks like you had an enjoyable time.
  5. Miss fire.

    Good to know you got it working again Gav. Nice one fella.
  6. Much needed...

    Good shooting Nathan.😉
  7. Bsa bull barrel .22

    Rez, you’re so young that you call a ten year old gun vintage, lol.....I wish I could say the same fella.
  8. Nice day for shooting

    Good shooting, squirrels got a headache for sure....
  9. Jess trees another.

    Nice one Nathan.
  10. Gorse bush rabbit hunt.

    Great ‘stuff’ Nathan. What’s the weight/calibre of the ball and what sort of velocity and energy does it produce on the reduced load? Sorry to be a pain asking, but I’m interested.
  11. HW 100 KT .177 - vermin control

    That’s a good result, well done Mark. 🤠
  12. Out tonight

    Good shooting
  13. What was your BEST spring rifle shot of 2017 ?

    Feinwerkbau sports have always been one of my favourite spring powered air rifles. I’ve got to admit to not having fired a single shot with any of my spring or gas ram guns this year, with the exception of my Webley Senior .22 pistol. I must hang my head in shame...................😔
  14. Hey, I can still shoot a rifle!

    Well done Nathan, good shooting fella.
  15. Shot Quarry

    Well done