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  1. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

  2. Paratrooper

    Is it the ASI .177 repeater? If so, they were designed to use wadcutters in the tubular magazine.
  3. Static Hunting with the HW100 KT .177

    Good shooting
  4. First this season

    First time out on the ducks this season for me.
  5. Nice one........are the mossy’s bad around there fella,lol.
  6. Air pistol hunting

    I’ve shot a large rat with my Webley senior .22, I was sat in my truck and the rat was just a few yards away on an embankment. Hit it at the back of the head low down and it went with a shudder. Also shot a pigeon many years ago with the Webley. It took off, flew around in a circle and fell at my feet, dead as a dodo. That shot hit the bird in the breast and entered the heart/lung area. Testing the same pistol on a dead squirrel, I found that I could strike three hits on its head at about ten yards, but the pellets had merely stuck in its scalp, not breaking the skull. Probably would have killed it though,had it been alive when I shot it. So,as for shooting vermin, the Webley is marginal. I reckon you need very close to the full 6ft lbs to do the job even at close range. And of course, hitting the right spot is above all, the most important thing to consider here. Just my opinion though. I also have a Webley tempest .177 but the .22 senior is definitely harder hitting than the tempest.
  7. Air pistol hunting

    Thanks Jon, looks interesting. What calibre is it?
  8. S&B 22wmr.

    I’ve got some S&B .22 hornet, seem ok, not shot them at more than 100 yards though. Also used some S&B .22 shorts and didn’t find them noticeably better or worse than other .22 shorts I’ve used, but they were cheap, so that was a plus for them.
  9. Air pistol hunting

    How many shots per charge do you get Jon?
  10. A full day...

    Even if you had nowt in the bag Nathan, it was way better than sitting at home. So many times I come back with an empty bag, I don’t mind, just good to be out and about, as you know anyway.
  11. Morning Stroll

    Brilliant, great photo, you can see in his face that he had a good time.
  12. Seven With The 410.

    Good shooting Nathan, well done.
  13. A Few This Morning In The Rain

    Good shooting fella, well done.
  14. Brocock S6 Concept .177

    Nice rifle, I've got the contour model. Bargain that..
  15. A Couple Of Rats

    Great stuff, well done.