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  1. Tp 123

    Cushings Disease

    So sorry for your loss ! Great little dog rip
  2. Tp 123

    Cheers Folks..

    Atb mate.
  3. Anyone have a contact number for fireman please pm collie John or myself
  4. Tp 123

    Border Terrier Dog Pup

    Pm sent
  5. Tp 123


    Try Dave sleight
  6. Could you pm your number kev
  7. You still got the collar mate if so could you send some pics mate
  8. thanks for the knife Ray top quality and great service
  9. Tp 123

    Steady Morning ;)

    Best ferreting bitch I've had was a lab x whippet ! You won't regret it
  10. Tp 123

    3/4 Collie 1/4 Greyhound

    Looks like he was a good stamp of a dog mate arri certainly produced some good pups !
  11. Tp 123

    3/4 Collie 1/4 Greyhound

    Thanks fluff ! I kept a few fast dogs myself in the past, things change though and these days just find I want to have a mooch about with them. Also like a nights lamping and the odd days ferreting. Horses for courses as they say. Atb TP