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  1. Couldn’t resist

    Thanks for your reply’s and it’s good to get everybody’s thoughts about the rabbits population decline, it’s something that we need too look at as a hole community and not be greedy killing everything we see ‘ but saying that it will never happen not in our life time anyway that’s the way the world unfortunately. Just hope that they bounce back the government are keen to ok the shit that’s killing them so they should be some kind of antidote witch could be spread the same way in blood sucking insects
  2. Couldn’t resist

    Finger all the time now mate lol I’ll pass it onto the family 👍👍and same to you and Ethan . are getting out much
  3. Couldn’t resist

    What puzzles me is if all the rabbits are dying off dew to the new man made killers like mixie and Rhd were are the dead rabbits then yes there is plenty of raptors and foxes but they wouldn’t or couldn’t clear that many off the floor surly atvb mark
  4. Couldn’t resist

    Are the rabbits on the move for winter do you think and just used the warrens where you go for breeding? I’ve noticed this around mine for years
  5. Couldn’t resist

    Bloody nightmare that fella 😵 tbo the farm is also a touring caravan site that’s only just closed , been up all year round but all the cent keeps them crawling in shadows and sneaking about trying not to wake any one is torture . went out at 10 back home for one then work at five Our blade wouldn’t get in the car didn’t want to go home lol
  6. Couldn’t resist

    Cheers mate
  7. Couldn’t resist

    Had a walk round a smaller Permishon to stretch blades legs stretched them well atvb mark
  8. Bring back new content please

    Cheers mate
  9. Bring back new content please

    Haaa seen it after I press post lol yeah we will have a look out soon mate
  10. As good as the upgrade is I can't get my head around it I’ve been wanting the mooches hunting site to bring back new content for ages now you have changed to the same system now I Fi͏n͏d it time wasting going through all the topics especially on my phone when I’m working away so please bring back the NEW CONTENT
  11. Asi Paratrooper

    Definitely like minded haaaa
  12. Asi Paratrooper

    Si I’m a bit optimistic now to how many roughly of course we can get jimmys two trips down was rain and more rain pulled it back a little with blade on the night and last time more rain and nothing wanted to play fair and took cover before we got to lift the rifles ‘ well apart from the two I missed going for glory lol but Johnrussel would back me up in saying they are there and if you catch them right like I did Saturday night again you could just get a very high number but it’s a must we go too a different place all be it dusk or dawn and it’s only half hour steady drive back to where I take jimmy to but don’t be fooled jimmy hasn’t seen nothing yet only a very very small slice of the cake mmmmm tasty it is too Looking forward to getting to meet and greet you si after all the good things jimmy and Ethan keep saying about you Atvb mark
  13. Asi Paratrooper

    The little fella put a good shift in mate Sunday went for dinner down me Mam’s when we walked in my dad said f***ing rocky I said you saying rocky !!! when he walks out in the ring for first fight muscles sticking out in all the right places never seen him like that haaaa I said you pissed didn’t know if it was a complement or not but when my brother came in and asked if he was on steroids he’s looking tip-top the penny dropped lol
  14. Asi Paratrooper

    Well it looks like I’ve given you many hours of fun mate atvb Mark ps took blade back out Saturday night just me and him it was a cann’y poor lad in that strong wind only managed a measly 67 and two big runners and a poor little partridge haaaaaayou and si need to come soon before he kills them all lol no photos I’m afraid left my phone near the car drops it out my pocket
  15. Asi Paratrooper

    Any of these helpful with the bsa mate