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  1. 16mm board lens

    Time Left: 25 days and 2 hours

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    I’m looking for a couple of 16 mm board lens for my night vision home build please ether pm or reply via this post thanks


  2. 16mm board lens

    16mm board lens View Advert I’m looking for a couple of 16 mm board lens for my night vision home build please ether pm or reply via this post thanks Advertiser mhopton Date 17/02/18 Price Category Scopes and Optics  

    😱looking awesome mate 👌

    Any cost jimmy just let me know and the main spring mate thanks again mate
  5. Hob vasectomy cost???

    £25 Darlington vets faverdale i have had 4 hobs done there now poor little fells

    Sorry for late reply jimmy mate 😐 i totaly trust your judgement mate and your the one who is doing it mate what ever you think is best mate I don’t mind ether way 👍👍👍

    Jimmy you’ve got a gift without a doubt mate thanks 🙏
  8. The farmer keeps telling me to get a quad and leave it up there mate like I was saying to SI sometimes if it’s going good I’ll leave bundles of rabbits in places and he’s happy to collect them in the morning it’s a shocker when he tells me how many he picked up I’m not one for numbers but me and blade topped over 100 a good few times 👍👍👍
  9. SI was just walking around with a little smile most of the time after your tumble think he was proper enjoying blade ‘ but the look changed when we lamped the rabbit which jumped up the wall and sat pretending to be a brick haaa blade just ran over and nailed it then another ran from exactly the same spot and nailed that one two but he did like the energy saving rabbits haaa couple more photos from Sunday you know the place what you never seen yet thanks guys good friends and memories atvb mark
  10. Gentleman very very nice words from you both thanks, well I cannot add to that really I think all’s been said there is always something to bring you back down jimmy mate like a coffee lol but your always welcome as are you SI anytime lads really mean that , I was back out in the morning Mandy chasing out with dogs so she could tidy up lol
  11. Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Thanks very much for your very kind comments 👍here’s a couple more pictures from the same place
  12. Socks i love your never back down attitude 👍we’ve had crossed words but it’s water on the ducks back , but that’s another post you’ve turned into a slagging match you must hold the record for number of post spoiled ffs chill out brother 👍
  13. Trev cracking Vids mate well done but you need a good wind muffler for the camcorder atvb mark
  14. No longer for sale
  15. I had this sold to someone but thanks to eBay who wouldn’t let me remove it as too many bidders were involved I had no choice to but to pull out of the deal so thanks for making me look like a CxxT eBay and sorry Lee atvb Mark