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  1. Wanted deer stalking ireland

    what part of the country john
  2. Cheap Army Boots

    have a look on shpock there is a pair of altberg field and fell brand new for £70. i have a pair they are brilliant boots
  3. Cheap Army Boots

    jigsaw what size are you
  4. Celestron Vs Steiner Bins

    hi take a look at minox, you should pick up a pair for less than £200.very good glass for the money
  5. What Film

    yip josie wales, one of my favourites
  6. Chicken And Tripe

    hi can anyone give me a contact no to get some chicken and tripe in exeter devon. thanks
  7. Winter Coat

    get a sportchief coat made in canada, one of the best coatsi ever had
  8. Mackerel Bashing 2017

    nice offer i used to do alot of fishing but haven,t done any in years only have a wee spinning rod
  9. Father Q

    fuk me will you stop putting these pics up , your making me hungry
  10. Mackerel Bashing 2017

    hi if you get too many i would buy a few
  11. Grill It

    man that looks good
  12. Fiver Q

    jesus man that looks great
  13. Ready For Bbq Take Off

    looks great.you must be getting better weather than i am
  14. Dog Transporting

    thanks do you have a number for him
  15. Dog Transporting

    hi do any of you lads know of any dog transporters,need a pup taken from n.ireland to hastings. thanks in advance