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  1. Scat identification

  2. by the way mark what drops them better .177 or .22 😂😂
  3. Hi

    hello and welcome
  4. Shooting sticks

    i have the gen 2 great bit of kit
  5. as villaman said contact airtech and get a shroud fitted . i have one on my ultra se and its quieter than having a mod on .
  6. guess the weight

  7. guess the weight

    well what can i say am good 👍
  8. guess the weight

    nice fish 3lb 2oz
  9. Crow shooting red letter day

    great vid mate and some good shooting 👍
  10. View From Your Swim

    that looks a nice spot 😂
  11. Helllloooooo!!!!

    and where would you find that ha
  12. New layout

    thats how i use to get around the site 👍
  13. New layout

    thats what i thought .
  14. New layout

    what star
  15. New layout

    thats what i was thinking
  16. Multicatch Live Rat Traps?

    monarch trap are ok had up to four at a time in them .good for getting the younger ones
  17. did they use to be in lancaster
  18. Badger Cub

    . i thought badgers had cubs in jan - march
  19. Feeding Wild Birds.

    i feed fat balls in a feeder nuts nyger seed sunflower hearts and standard wild bird seed in a tray . i get sparrows starlings doves woodies goldfinch greenfinch coal tit blue tits and pesky squirrels
  20. Scope

    27 yards i set mine up
  21. Seaview Crow Shooting

    nice shooting 👍
  22. Night Master

    they also have the nm eclipse which as several diff features on it and in two sizes
  23. Daz39,s New Hw110

    does yours read 100 when you hold the button down
  24. Air Chrony

    when ive been in the staff seem to be messing around alot and joking with each other and not bothered about customers