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  1. Hi

    hello and welcome
  2. Shooting sticks

    i have the gen 2 great bit of kit
  3. as villaman said contact airtech and get a shroud fitted . i have one on my ultra se and its quieter than having a mod on .
  4. guess the weight

  5. guess the weight

    well what can i say am good 👍
  6. guess the weight

    nice fish 3lb 2oz
  7. Crow shooting red letter day

    great vid mate and some good shooting 👍
  8. View From Your Swim

    that looks a nice spot 😂
  9. Helllloooooo!!!!

    and where would you find that ha
  10. New layout

    thats how i use to get around the site 👍
  11. New layout

    thats what i thought .
  12. New layout

    what star
  13. New layout

    thats what i was thinking
  14. Multicatch Live Rat Traps?

    monarch trap are ok had up to four at a time in them .good for getting the younger ones