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    A little fu.ker just how I ike them
  2. Purpose

    She tell you to f..k off then ?
  3. Great Day.....

  4. Sleaze Bags.

    Top nonce list as goes. . . . . Simon Cowell Elton John Cliff Richard. Richard Branson looks half 80s rapey And about 95% of the Government/judges, top police the lot .
  5. Cork Stuff

    Yanking on someone's tail I think .
  6. Choked On Collar.

    what a ba....d ! Hopefully have some luck on route soon. Cracking looking terrier as well.
  7. Blacks Looting/robbing In Florida

    Standard Congo practice .
  8. Pups

    . I like the look of him. Good luck.
  9. What The f**k

    Time to start making some noise or we are really and truly fuckked . Financially say blocking motor ways off until we are listened to . Hate the Muslim tribes pure judas tactics rape and insurance prices through the roof .
  10. Raw Hemp Buds

    I gave my terrier some thc for imflamation around his neck, only a small piece about half a grain of rice, blew his head off but done the trick. The wife said she wouldn't of believed it until she seen it herself .
  11. Anyone Believe In Any Old Superstitions

    The wife runs off with a black man when she's " stressed "........ does the trick though, she comes back with the biggest smile on her face .
  12. Anyone Believe In Any Old Superstitions

    Never shake with the left hand, especially if he has a beard and exposed ankles haha .
  13. Anyone Believe In Any Old Superstitions

    It's all a load of bollocks till it happens to you ............... that's what a lad told me who I know , he definitely has some mental problems, what he says is through the experiences he's had .
  14. Raw Hemp Buds

    does the hemp seed do the same thing ? . No the hemp seed oil works differently . Good for the body but no where near the medicine as the others .