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  1. Stolen Dog

    b*****ds, I hope your mate gets them back
  2. I've been following Brett's channel for a while now and there is some really good stuff on there , definitely worth a look, always good to see how other houndsmen / dogmen work and care for their dogs
  3. Gregg Allman Rip

    Just seen it on the news that he died last night , the music that he and the Allman brothers made had a big influence on me growing up ,and still does , Rip
  4. New Season In France

    Very interesting seeing how it's done in France
  5. A Very Sad Rip To One Of Our Own

    Rip my condolences to his family and friends
  6. A Massive Shock... Warning

    Sorry for your loss mate
  7. What you listening to at the moment.

    Went to see these last Friday in Manchester ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tel7yXwtXI8
  8. Brickies

    £400 /£450 a thousand ,£11 sq m 4" ,£150 day work in North Wales at the moment , 5 minutes from house ,i could get more if I travelled to Liverpool or Manchester , i'm hoping it's our time now, money was shit after 2008 ,but getting better the last two years
  9. Old Country Blood

    I ordered this book through here as i'm not on facebook , i've just finished reading it , if your interested in working dogs, it's a very good read ,well written with good information on some working breeds that i had not heard of before, and good chapters on irish strong dogs history ,well done to the author and i hope theres a second book in the pipeline, cheers
  10. Update On Drahthaar .

    Cracking pictures and a lovely looking bitch
  11. Thanks to everyone who turned up today , great turnout and good day out , see you next year , i hope your on the mend Jay
  12. sun is out ,see you there lads
  13. R.i.p Buck

    Know how your feeling mate, recently my old bitch suddenly lost her balance and co ordination. Was treated for vertibular syndrome with antibiotics and steroid injections.. Now I found a lump!!! Luckily I had a litter from her last year, but pups got a hell of a long way to go before I can feel for them like my old girl!!! Sorry to hear that Bitch , i know what you mean about pups having big shoes to fill , good luck with dogs mate
  14. Update On Pups

    nice pups there mate , i like the look of the gwp lurcher as well , all the best with them
  15. R.i.p Buck

    Cheers everyone for the comments, leegreen it was a rapid growing tumour ,pushing on his spinal cord, no sign of it on outside that i could see , he went from running fine four weeks ago to not getting out of his kennel in the last few days, my vet ruled out slipped disc so i had him pts