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  1. Harris hawk "lost"

    That's a coincidence: I came on to put up a post to say I spotted one sitting in a tree beside the Eastern Road in Portsmouth this afternoon. I too thought it was a buzzard at first until I noticed the colour was too uniform and the head/beak shape was a tad different. It's the second time I've seen one in the city but the previous one was about fifteen years ago and was sitting on a balcony near the city centre eyeing up the pigeons.
  2. Border collie

    I'm on the side of all the above who say you need a little shot of sighthound if you're after game. Mine are all pure sheep/cattle dogs but that's simply because I prefer their temperament...they certainly don't catch enough to keep most of the people on this site happy but they make me smile.
  3. Snowflake Teacher Resigns After 1 Term.........

    I've known it to take more than two years WILF. Both my wife and I have post-grad educations but we both firmly believe that it's not the be all and end all of a happy life. My wife often tells my son that "people always need plumbers, electricians etc" and I'd much rather that he was a happy bin man than a miserable merchant banker. My daughter's going to be a faerie princess!
  4. Parenting

    I completely agree. I know there are probably a lot of completely safe games out there that won't effect my kids negatively but the flip side of the coin is that I've taught a six year old girl who uses the f word because she's allowed to play Grand Theft Auto. Last week my son asked if he could have "one of those things that you can play games on which all the other kids in my class have got?" I pointed out that, while he could argue he was missing out in that department, he could also say he's the only kid in his class with his own knife and catapult.
  5. Snowflake Teacher Resigns After 1 Term.........

    I'm in my twenty first year as a primary school teacher. Each year gets harder as the expectations are constantly changed and the work load becomes increasingly ridiculous. It's only down to the support of other staff, positive kids and the amazing feedback I get from some of my parents that I put up with it. I could tell you that we don't actually get all that holiday to lay on a beach and that we don't actually only work from 9 until 3:30...but I'm afraid some people are beyond recognizing the benefits of a great education and can only complain and blame everything on everybody else. As for them "only being a class of eight year olds" I've known four year olds to hit pregnant staff in the stomach thanks to well meaning parents telling them that they don't have to pay attention to us and can do what they like. I'll keep doing it...for the kids and parents who appreciate me and what I do.
  6. Suffolk blue pastoral dog info

    When I first read this thread a couple of days ago I was fairly sure I'd never heard of a Suffolk Blue. Since then I've done some research in all my pastoral dog books (of which, being a bit of an Inspector Morse type book reading nerd, I've got quite a few) and I still can't find a trace of it! The only thing I did find was a reference to Galloway shepherds etc relocating to Suffolk to such an extent that it was sometimes referred to as The Lowlands, which fits with the above comment about beardie blood.
  7. Waterproof Pants

    Thanks WILF.
  8. Waterproof Pants

    Wow: that's a brilliant word! I do love odd words (hence Noggin) but I've tried to find that on bing and nothing came up other than scrawny (which aptly describes me too). What does it mean?
  9. How Much Collie Is To Much

    . That's same fa me John a great post a man that sees the positives in a old traditional types qualities.atb bunnys Quite right billhardy: I agree too, though in my case I've never been in the position to be part of the numbers game...apart from those rare occasions when I nearly made it into double figures! Like a lot of choices in life, you can write a list of requirements and do all the sums and, as a result, you might work out which breed, mobile phone, house, job, wife etc are "right" for you but often there's something else you can't quantify that helps you make your decision. Like collies: we can't all be the same.
  10. Waterproof Pants

    I know how you feel but in my case it's kidney stones as I'm only a whipper-snapper of 48!
  11. Waterproof Pants

    Jigsaw, why don't you just make sure you go before you go out?
  12. Celestron Vs Steiner Bins

    Has he tried both? Anybody else have any advice about either the celestron or steiner?
  13. How Much Collie Is To Much

    Somebody once asked me if my 3/4 collie was an Airedale!
  14. Celestron Vs Steiner Bins

    Thanks for the advice.
  15. I was recently thinking of upgrading my binoculars. I currently have an old pair of summit 8 x 32 and a more recent pair of steiner safari 10 x 26. The steiners are lovely little lightweight things and the image is great in the middle of the day but (due to being 10 x 26) locating what I'm looking at can be a problem as can low light levels...but the low weight was what I bought them for. I recently found a pair of celestron granites 8 x 42 which I liked but they were c. £450. Does anybody have any experience with these or how would they compare to a steiner of similar spec? Thanks in advance. Edited to add: just done some more research and all the reviews I've seen are excellent and I've also found them for a tad over £330!