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  1. Half cross bull greyhound

    Why? Because of prejudice? Or because you had nailed your colours to the mast and couldn't go back? I wouldn't discount any mix , dogs have a common knack of surprising an open minded owner. I genuinely hope your pup does you proud, and I'm sure it will, as long as you don't hold it against it that it has a little bull in its ancestry.
  2. Deer/bull/grey

    That's a cracking bitch ,I hope the right person comes for her
  3. I knew it was bullshit that lurcher could take deer!
  4. Future X Maybe

    More to the point , it's your dog ,it pleases you , and that's the only thing it has to do ,regardless of whether it's jagd,Beddy,or shitzsu
  5. Future X Maybe

    Classic hunting life 😂
  6. We Got The Caravan!!

    Applaud you new kid,thought it was going to be a thread about a tourer you've bought lol
  7. Catalonia

    Fireworks like I've never seen and cries of viu la revolució
  8. Catalonia

    Mush....it seems more of a party atmosphere ATM ,with bottles of bubbly etc but ,as you say if they send the mossa in heavy handed I should imagine the crowd will turn ugly
  9. Catalonia

    I fly back in the morning, unfortunately. Was hoping they'd storm the airport and stop flights so I don't have to go back,be a bit of history in the making , thanks for the offer though mush ,keep safe pal
  10. Catalonia

    I'm over there now and one hotel had loud speakers on with the voting in the Catalan parliament, seems they will soon find out how determined Madrid is to hold on to its industrial heartland , hope it passes over peacefully one way or the other
  11. They Look Mighty Fine Pups To Me

    Look healthy and seem inquisitive.
  12. Dog Pup

    . I'd say it needs to be in there in the first place though . Then the owner can make the best if it.
  13. Day Out

    My legs are aching just looking at the photos
  14. Young Bitch

    Good offer and honest post ,suit a lot of lads I reckon not everyone goes out with a pack
  15. Anyone Planned Litters

    Had his breeding written down ,but lost it years back, mainly dai Jones and a bit if Gould I think. No world beater but reliable enough ,and could dig to him every week , must be near 12 now though