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  1. big napper


    Loads here near my house and at an allotment permission iv got there is even more and i cant shoot them because a do gooding anti bitch complained about me shooting them last year, they must know as they dont even fly away now.
  2. big napper

    Kits update almost 2 weeks

    Nice one mate
  3. big napper

    Been offer,d a night out shooting

    Nice one, great offer from whoever, hope yous get plenty lads
  4. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    Cheers gents
  5. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    Green, cammo or wood for me mac, no black stocks for me again pal.
  6. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    Its ok for you saying that mac youd strip it sand it and have it looking better than a new one in a day, iv no chance of doing that pal.
  7. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    A few of us used to go shooting and ferreting years ago, he packed it in and i kept at it, i asked him if he wanted a day out a few months ago and he loved it so he got a hw springer then got the brocock from me so looks like he'l be going a bit more often now.
  8. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    Cheers si, i know mate it nice weather now, (for now) yes my mate is loving the brocock, he'l be coming out regular with me soon just a bit ocupied with other things at the mo.
  9. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    Its all the same chris, it actualy feels great
  10. big napper

    2 litters

    Cheers mick they are pal, and cheers again for the jills, when i took them out in winter they were as good if not better than what you said they would be, well happy with them and if you decide to get back into it let me know and il sort you out with some,
  11. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    I know what you mean mate, i dont look after mine that well, i rest them on walls fences gates and they dont look new for long, its a shame to scratch and dint a nice wooden stock but not so bad to do it to this one
  12. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    Cheers jon, if id got a wood stock i know for a fact id have got it cammo dipped so i thought id get this green one and to be honest i like it better than cammo
  13. big napper

    Out for a bit today

    Went to a permission today that iv not been to for a good while, seen a good few young rabbits about, i left the small ones alone and managed to get 1 adult 1 big youngster and a woody, the new gun is shooting perfect now, really happy with it.
  14. big napper

    2 litters

    Cheers Aussie, it might have done but i checked morning and evrning every day so i dont think that happend mate, she has swollen up again so iv put the hob back in with her, so see what happens this time pal
  15. big napper

    2 litters

    Ok il let you know