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  1. First ferret advice

    Great offer for him, nice one mate
  2. a few birds

    Nice one
  3. Its the closest iv been to one of these, there was 4 in the next field to me and my mate when we went out for a mooch, there was a fence between us, just thought id get a pic of it.
  4. Banned school hairstyles

    You got that right, (Once great nation) Half the kids arnt british
  5. Banned school hairstyles

    Bald headed barry's just a jelaus twat. Hey teacher, leave them kids alone.
  6. Trained Mink and Dog Catch 25 rats!!!

    Fantastic mate, your dog is realy well trained and they work great together, loved watching that, nice one.
  7. First ferret advice

    Plenty big enough pal and the only diference is coulour not working abilaty
  8. a few birds

    Thats the ones i got at about at 200 yards, with the gatty i made from old bed springs a bit back les dont you remember pal
  9. First ferret advice

    Pitty your not closer as il be breeding some decent workers soon and you could have 2 for free
  10. First ferret advice

    What ever you get mate 2 would be best i think, (for keeping warm and just company as you know theyr playful) id never have 1 caged animal on its own i think theyd crack up. And if you work a big warren 2's better than 1.
  11. shot these from behind 1 of the barns

    Sound les, as soon as i get my gun back il be out to them all mate
  12. 42 ferals

    When you say after being frozen is that to kill parasites mate
  13. 42 ferals

    Cheers pal
  14. They should be made to pay

    The damage to wildlife must have been bad with all them loose
  15. They should be made to pay

    Too true, sly shits