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  1. New layout

    Whats with all the adds
  2. New layout

    Updating maybe but does that mean the layout had to be changed
  3. New layout

    Cant understand why youd change something that was fine in the first place
  4. We Visit From A Beardie Cross

    Both dogs look great, red one is a realy smart dog
  5. Corvids On The Stubbles

    Great result mate
  6. Wander Rounds...

    Great result mate
  7. New Perm.

    Nice one daz, great result on the shooting and the new perm.
  8. Too Windy

    Cheers jerry, same to you mate
  9. Nice Calm Afternoon

    I think i answered the for sale post just before you john when i got that one pal. Good luck with the lamping session matt.
  10. Nice Calm Afternoon

    Great result and shooting pal, i think iv already said this but il say it again, the r10 looks realy nice mate. And you did get a right day for shooting, i couldnt get out today with van trouble.
  11. Great result mark especialy in the wind.
  12. Love The Wind Me Not So Much For Si

    Nice result mac & si, as per
  13. Too Windy

    Your right lads it was change to shooting, first trip out ferreting since last season and it was great with the ferrets and to see how the dog has improved since last year
  14. Too Windy

    Cheers lads, i was going to take the longnets then changed my mind, will next time thou
  15. Too Windy

    Went ferreting this morning it was way too windy, blowing the nets off but realy went to get the dog and ferrets out, only done one big set then went but the ferrets worked great and dog was too, she marked well and was quiet when the ferrets were below, 2 slipped the nets but we ended up with 4 in the bag, cant wait for a decent day to go again.