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  1. Beast from the East 2.

    Can just picture the poor guys face at the door 😂
  2. The girls at work .........

    Don't beat round the bush lad ... how dya feel?
  3. What do you think this is ?

    It was touch and go ... made worse by the misses going 'if your laughing like that it' bound to just be something stupid on the hunting life'
  4. What do you think this is ?

    I just nearly died because of you 2 ... laid on the sofa reading this and laughed so hard I couldn' breath and started choking.
  5. What do you think this is ?

    Wasn' expecting that, just spat my drink everywhere
  6. Moochers Forum

    Ain' Moochers just hunters United renamed?
  7. Big Cat Sighting

  8. British deer records

    Exmoor has the biggest red
  9. Child on a plane.............

    Just because a kids autistic doesn' make them special, they could still be thick
  10. Child on a plane.............

    Is there really ever a need?
  11. I have sussed it.........

    Where do they still get it from? I thought kappa was gone
  12. YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    Well said, they don' give a damn when they'e classing us all as poachers or threatening to shoot dogs ... f**k the toy gun brigade
  13. YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    Definitely, dressed like that to shoot a fuxking scabby squirrel
  14. YouTube,taking shooting videos off

    Shame, love watching an old man dressed like he's a serving sniper to pop a few cans
  15. Just saw this

    Our local rag has published a few stories about it, starting to look made up