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  1. Big Cat Sighting

    The other thing to remember is that the Plymouth herald is not the local paper of fowey
  2. Big Cat Sighting

    http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/local-news/private-zoo-cornwall-leopard-escaped-1062965 Our local rags version, a Google pic and a hen house lol
  3. Very early spring

    Collard doves pairing in the garden today and picked up 30 large peelers yesterday out of 70 pots. I'd say spring is well on its way
  4. Big Cat Sighting

    A farmer caught an escaped pet leopard and there's no proof barring an article 😂
  5. Big Cat Sighting

    The more I research this the worse it seems to get, the only proof is pictures of paw prints and scratch marks with the occasional fuzzy photo of a shape. All the experts are little more than quacks running around with no actual expertise in relation to big cats and a photo of a dead lynx that has no real context with it. Imo if they where running wild someone would have tracked them properly and they would have been filmed or photographed but all we have is a few loonies with albums of shit and trees
  6. Big Cat Sighting

    Anyone who does needs there eyes testing, greyman you need to chill out. Your starting to become annoying
  7. Big Cat Sighting

    Oh wow, another shit picture
  8. Desert bred

    There he is .... what a cantankerous old b*****d you are db
  9. Big Cat Sighting

    Go to Paignton zoo then lol
  10. Big Cat Sighting

    I could be a moggy for all I know
  11. Desert bred

    Shame really, he wasn't that bad. Who gonna right the job advert for an opinioated middle aged Muslim that has a saluki fetishism?
  12. Odd things you have found....

    Found 5 baskets of crabs in a field one night and a huge strapon whilst mooching on the moor
  13. Messages

    Well the big cat fan club forum let them send Dick pics to each other all day, why should this site be any different?
  14. Big Cat Sighting

    What an awesome show and just really put my mind at rest they're not here