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  1. Ferreters Needed Taunton

    No problem il drop ya pm next week If I'm free takeing a bit of a road trip to Belfast contracting , as of from Sunday should be back by Friday Atb a
  2. Ferreters Needed Taunton

    Most people a bit busy this sat But fox tails is can make it So should be a good day! Any other takers drop me a pm !!!
  3. Ferreters Needed Taunton

    All pms replyd to And still available for this Friday or Saturday Come on lads some one must want a good days sport?
  4. Hi All More Geese

    . I was alright until I got to the 23rd lol The kids was makeing a funny honkin noise lately tho! Gave most away to friends les I now no what ya mean When ya a say its like beef and deer lol Think il be sticking to turkey for Xmas kk
  5. Couple of experienced Ferreters wanted Land is at taunton somerset Only available on satday All I ask is let me take care of the runners lol 12g Regally shoot 40/60 per night every couple of weeks Are wiseing up now tho . Plenty to go at and I mean plenty (In a straight run would after be close to a mile ) If any one can make it pm me Would make a good day this sat Rb
  6. Hi All More Geese

    Looks like there getting a bit wise to ya les Good bag all the same Peter
  7. A Hatrick Of Wild Boar

    Nice write up Owen And sounds like a good day out Apart from the rain lol At least it stopped off in the end for you And the hmr is a good little round
  8. God I hate people like that Should of it her finger off haha
  9. 33 This Morning!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya i put it on
  10. 33 This Morning!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for a fantastic day out chaps Even tho I shot like a lemon lol
  11. Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder For Air Rifle

    Hi il take it if the price is right drop me a pm
  12. Bushnell Laser Rangefinder

    U have a pm bud
  13. Pinks Finally Here

    They look great I need some new deeks Wered you get them
  14. Friend told me the Canada"s has been Spotted around Newark notts, (On the Trent river) I'm in Somerset And the odd fuw come in later on, way to early yet for down Here, But just wondering if anybody has seen or Herd the honks in the distance in your area?