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  1. Mr Wilkes

    Bediwhippet pups.

    They should make great little catch dogs , you getting them dewclawed ? Be better if they were just my opinion tho.
  2. Mr Wilkes

    Bediwhippet pups.

    You certainly thought that one through...
  3. Mr Wilkes


    Could be voles...
  4. Mr Wilkes

    opinions please

    There was talk of a revamped updated peg to peg with much more info tips ect but I lost contact with Martin so not too sure if he went ahead with it.
  5. Mr Wilkes

    opinions please

    Katchum.. the great game includes pheasant poaching longnetting ect a good read.
  6. Mr Wilkes

    opinions please

    If you are walking left to right hold the net/hank/pin in your right hand and peg with your left and vice verca.
  7. Mr Wilkes

    opinions please

    Some great reading
  8. Mr Wilkes

    opinions please

    I look on peg to peg as a revised edition of wymans book with better pics
  9. Mr Wilkes

    Starting up.

    It’s a scout from simpleshot .
  10. Mr Wilkes

    Starting up.

    I’ve tried quite a few and finally ended with this
  11. Mr Wilkes


    Lovely pics, heard my 1st cuckoo this morning
  12. Mr Wilkes


    Simply stunning
  13. Mr Wilkes

    Working notice

    She’s being a Cnut... she could accept Friday but chooses not to .. fcuk the two days and look to the future.. next time email it to em .
  14. Mr Wilkes

    opinions please

    Never had to as yet Fred but I’ve come damn close on a few occasions , as I’ve got older I need to get the old adrenaline running ( just to keep me alive ) and I find I’m going places I’d never have dreamed of in search for that rush . I took a lad freelancing one night and come close to leaving everything behind.. he still comments on what a lovely night we had and we should go back to that permission again
  15. Mr Wilkes

    opinions please

    I have two 25yrd hand made Engels which havnt been used , At one point we used nothing but hand made but when checking them after a good night out I’d be gutted with the damage at times. After spending many hours knitting a net then mending the day after cheesed me off, I much prefer to “stitch up” a 4 z , they are easly created and can be binned or left if you need to .