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  1. Porn.

    Nowt that a quick stitch and a course of antibiotic won’t cure ..🤢
  2. Banded Goose

    Banded in San Luis valley Colorado ... hope you’ve done the right thing and contacted them 👍🏼.
  3. guess the weight

    2lb 8oz... lovely fish 👍🏼.
  4. That’s brilliant mate, what’s she call it ?. I have two boys and neither are into “The Great Outdoors” but my 3 year old daughter loves ferrets , dogs chickens ect. I can’t go up to the Allotment without her tagging along lol. Is that all you breed now ( Owls)? I could have sworn I read somewhere you bred spars.
  5. What am I doing wrong

    Yep works for me 😉
  6. Long net set up help

    Buy a copy of Long netting from peg to peg by M King.. it’ll tell you all you need to know ( for now ).
  7. 14 Point Red Stag Antlers

    there just having a laugh with you mate they are saying it was shot in Australia because it's upside down ,( joke about Austraila because it at bottom off the world ) Can’t believe you had to explain that...😂
  8. Steady day

    One can only dream of days like that, I was out last sun and ended the morning with a 7ft dig... no good for a old codger like me. Keep at it mate .
  9. Dirt fishing find

    Nice find chaff.. it’s something I’d love to have a go at , lad I hunt with now and then finds old coins on the surface every so often.
  10. Steady day

    Best way to catch rabbits.
  11. Long Netting Hairs

    Lol nothing gets past you lpd...
  12. Long Netting Hairs

    I get fed up with the dog pushing em out terry.. not good when you are trying to target a certain species.
  13. White Pheasants

    They look in fine fettle... I do come across a few throughout the season . Did you breed them yourself ?.
  14. Sheet Netting Nylon 10-12Oz

    Pm sent
  15. Sheet Netting Nylon 10-12Oz

    There is a chap on eBay from selby who’s selling 10yrd 12z stop nets, get in touch with him , you never know.