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  1. Thanks tallywacker!👍
  2. Day Out.

    Hello, just wondering if there's anyone local to Abergavenny that I could tag along with now and then.
  3. First Dog

    Thanks! I know that there's quite a lot of cover, fairly thorny. A few small rivers going through drives. Was thinking a springer
  4. Hi guys! I'm looking at doing a bit of beating this season, have never been beating before but have done a bit of rough shooting, can anyone tell me the best way to go round doing a bit of beating.
  5. First Dog

    Hello! I'm looking at starting to get into beating this season. May be picking up also. It'll be my first time. I'm posting to see what dogs people recommend for beating/picking up. I have trained border collies to work sheep in the past.
  6. Bsa Ultra Multishot

    Thanks lads! Picking it up friday
  7. I'm looking at buying one of these from my local gun shop on Friday, can anyone recommend these guns? I'm looking to do a bit of lampong with it, can anyone recommend a rifle mounted lamp to go with it?
  8. Ferreting Dogs

    I like a dog That can mark up and chase the odd bolter. I also like a bit of a shaggy coat on a dog for the rougher areas
  9. Ferreting Dogs

    hi guys. im in south wales and am interested to hear what dogs you all use when out ferreting, I used to use a collie x whippet bitch, worked great for me. just interested to see what everyone elses opinion on the best ferreting dog is
  10. White Ferret

    Really I've never heard of one, I've heard of light albinos but never a pure white
  11. White Ferret

    I've just been offered a black eyed white hob, I've never seen or heard of a whit e ferret is there such thing or are they just rare
  12. Flying Free

    What length creance do you use I've got a 50 metre one, isn't that a bit long?
  13. Insurance

    Cheers lads
  14. Insurance

    can anyone recommend a good insurance company for insuring a female harris hawk
  15. Flying Free

    Thanks mate