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  1. Canaural Ear Drops

    Have you ordered from there pbrookes?Yes had loads. Email the guy for good discounts. Fast delivery and never any problems getting stuff through
  2. Canaural Ear Drops

  3. Met Anyone Famous?

    He used to live in micklebring? Did his roof for him years ago
  4. Coursing Programs

    Just sorting stuff out ready for flitting and I've come across a carrier bag full of old coursing programmes and newspaper clippings. From the 60s to the 80s. Look nice in frames. If anyone wants em collect from mexborough. South Yorkshire
  5. Pork Pie Wedding Cake

    Done another pie for a friends wedding tomorrow
  6. Toe Amputation....

    I had a back toe taken off my lurcher last year. Cost £200 Inc x-ray and amputation. 2 or 3 visits after to change dressing and remove stitches so £300 not out of the way.
  7. Gondas vets in Maltby. Great lass, understands working dogs and good prices. £200 for my dogs toe off Inc x-ray and antibiotics.
  8. I'm parked up on welgate in Rotherham at the minute waiting for my lad its like Mumbai. I wouldn't live here rent free
  9. Sealyham Myles

    I do. From St Alban's? Pm me your number and I'll pass it on
  10. Brian Nuttall

    A dogI had out of miner. Brian let me have him cos he was too big for him. He was 14''. About 2001.
  11. Pork Pie Wedding Cake

    Cheers all. Not keen on anymore wedding cake myself this is my 3rd time so time to try something different and hope it brings us some luck
  12. Getting married Saturday and made myself a pork pie wedding cake.
  13. Segregated Swimming Now.....!! Ffs !!

    Had it in Rotherham for years
  14. Rock Piles

    I have a dog here going back to them both