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  1. 😂😂 Cause arch said 👍
  2. Ferret

    Aye she scoffed it up had water think she will be fine I'll see in the morning she has a cut ear probably fighting a rat )
  3. Ferret

    I was away all weekend to thl fishing comp , I had took the hitch yo a friend out the country he phoned on Sunday saying all the 3 ferrets had got out so I got a bit of field drain from the house and made a hole in the wire of the cage one came back one day the other the next day and one tonight they have a tin with field drain so there used to going in it
  4. Ferret

  5. Ferret

    Well ferrets been missing for 3 days it's came back but very weak I've gave it water and some soft food. For her is there anything else I could give her to help her strength if her up a bit or is it fingers crossed sinario thanks
  6. Fishing Comp 2017

    Aye it was a great weekend again nice to see the lads again 1300 mile done not home yet had a blow out coming up the road 😂 After bumping up a kerb to let an ambulance past sake stopped off someolace to get my windows tinted ,now in Glasgow away to get my rock and roll bed for the camper a, a very tiring weekend again but least I was there in body lol hope you like your jumper Dave 😀👍👍 best wishes to all me and Jodie x
  7. Fishing Comp 2017

    Well we are tucked up in camper in Wrexham might get something from strong stuff for the raffle if he's up in the morning 👍👍
  8. Fishing Comp 2017

    Stopping off st Wigan f***ing knackered 😂😂 stir fry for t in the camper mm 😂👍
  9. Fishing Comp 2017

    What's the charity this year so I can get this banner finished cheeds
  10. Fishing Comp 2017

    Aye was just thinking that last night especially with the heat wave down there 😂 Hope your well pal
  11. Fishing Comp 2017

    ill pm mine tb the money will be put to use for petroleum for my drive 😂
  12. Resin Drives

    Does any one do them how much is the going rate a square meter and how much is the materials for the same thinking about doing it there's courses in England for foing it can any one give me the heads up thanks
  13. Fishing Comp 2017 Numbers

  14. Weed ;)

    Does anybody have a contact for medical oil my friends dad had prostate cancer pm obviously 👍
  15. Fishing Comp 2017

    charming feck abody else 😂😂