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  1. You know yourself General, a bit of luck and good fieldcraft help us keep one step ahead of the Game. Big stags outside the rut is all luck!
  2. Free stalk for N.I. Novice up for grabs with An Taín Hunting Outfitters. See Deer Stalking Opportunities forum.
  3. Free Guided Stalking Day up for grabs to a lucky hunting life member. A big change from ferreting to make an all rounded hunter. Based in N.I. See Deer Stalking Opportunities forum Happy New Year
  4. Guided Day - Upland rough shooting (2 guns) with An Taín Hunting Outfitters 500 acres of rough pasture, heather moorland and deciduous woodland £90 per gun 9am - 1pm Cafe lunch provided Own dog essential Estate guns and ammunition can be provided at additional cost: £10 per gun / shells at dealer rate. PM to book.
  5. Free stalk for N.I. Novice
  6. Great hunt! Fortune favours the brave. Excellent deer numbers and two places still available for this month.
  7. N.I. Guided Deer Stalking & Management - Sika / Fallow
  8. Hwv Pups From My Trial Winning Import Bitch

    As an ambassador of his company I wish the global gundog community could see how he just went straight off on a tangent and spoke to one of the lads on here. A dog peddler is not a derogatory term it just means you buy and sell. There was no need for that. The reply he gave could potentially sink his company if that was shown on the stalking directory were he receives a lot of attention for the dogs he peddles.
  9. Ferret Advice Please

    As for returning the jill.............jayzuz lad...........don't do that. This is just the first chapter of your ferret experiences with plenty more to come. You might see some of my earlier posts about a demon jill I had which locked onto me every time I put my hand near her. She is now like a kitten and the one I would think of least of giving me a nip. But her earlier bites weren't nips, frig she could near have removed the top of my finger! Now she is absolutely first class and I am expecting a litter of her so really looking forward to seeing the outcome as I put a big polecat hob over her. Maybe I might get a few silvers! Plenty more chapters to come for ya.
  10. Ferret Advice Please

    She is doing the complete opposite than what you think. She is taking ownership of him. That is what the nipping is about as she is always in competition with the other female. As for not letting him into the sleeping quarters, she might be going through a ghost pregnancy as he has got the squish, therefore she is going through all the symptoms of expecting a brood and making private space for herself where males are concerned. It certainly is the exact time of year for a jill to be going through these motions. But honestly, have you ever seen a male vasectomised or not throwing a nutter? If he wanted to be in those sleeping quarters honestly, he would let his presence be known. What age is he, he sounds like last years, as he just has not matured enough to have the dutch courage which will come regardless of the squish.
  11. Concrete Slab

    Now if you don't need to do the whole slab 8 inches deep, but instead only the footings.....then why are you calculating cement for a 3m cubic slab?
  12. Concrete Slab

    Sheesh, the neck a some people. Do ya want yer driveway tarmaced?
  13. Concrete Slab

    That's why I did the calculator. To be sure to be sure. Scan up and you'll see it.
  14. Pain I Groin And Stomach?

  15. What Does Being British Mean To You?

    But the Queen is German......her family came from the Gotha family. They changed their name because of sentiment during the 2nd World War. Ever get the feeling those wars were all about making the rich richer? I mean, did you know Germany invaded Poland because Poland was shooting down German passenger planes. The German people begged Hitler to stop the Polish and Hitler wrote to the humanitarian court and NATO countries asking to intervene. The Polish shoot down another plane so the Germans took the matter into their own hands. You were never taught that in school I bet!