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  1. 300,000 houses a year?

    Yes it is but I genuinely don’t see any other answer
  2. 300,000 houses a year?

    New Zealand calls
  3. Bulger Killer Recalled To Prison

    His partner in the crime has become a model citizen and reintegrated perfectly apparently despite being the one professionals said wouldn’t work it’s the opposite i think their upbringing is 100 percent behind this
  4. 300,000 houses a year?

    It’s the elephant in he room if we need 300 000 homes a year we will soon be broken beyond repair why do we need that many homes I wonder??
  5. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Sky larks on belting hot fay crickets late summer evenings
  6. Favourite sounds in the countryside.

    Night jars cuckoos but also the other call the cuckoo makes black bird singing after rain chif chafs because spring is here buzzards on the soar calling barking deer
  7. Weed ;)

    It’ll happen here soon be a gold rush
  8. Badger Cull

    Used to have lapwings nest behind my house every year and hedhogs in the garden the neighbours chow had a fair run at thinning the hotchiwitchis put but I don’t see either lapwing or hedgehogs any more i see a lot of badgers though 🤔
  9. Ive got four knives I made ffrom blanks from you mate f***ing great knives Wish Id have had a made knifr from you when I had the chance Good work chap
  10. Females.mixed Messages.

    I thought that story was going to end "......slid her panties down, couldn't f***ing beleive it, a massive pair of bollocks was staring me in the face !!" Lol There's no such thing as mixed messages, imho the vast majority of men are awkward as f**k round women.......they try and cover up their discomfort by babbling shit or being crass. If you are comfortable and plain speaking there can't be any mixed messages I always found.......if you thought the situation warranted it you said "are we going to take off and get a room" and it was a simple yes or no.......and if it was no, then it's no. It's not personal, it just demanded a "fair enough" and if the person was good company you just carried on doing whatever you were doing (talking, having a drink or dinner or whatever) .........no ness for anyone to feel uncomfortable. As for Weinstein, I fully sympathise with the bloke really.......he took advantage of people looking to take advantage of their own sexuality and who were happy to be taken advantage of.......they got stardom which they wanted and he got a blow job and a hit movie.......everyone's a winner. You don't all of a sudden grow a moral sense of outrage 20 years after the event.......that's bollocks and everyone knows it's bollocks. Spot on
  11. Would You Take The Fence

    Take the fence after explaining they can pay up or not You can sell the panels Theyre easy to cut out
  12. Anyone Seen This?

    My father was very handy with his fist and quick tempered When I was 13 Id had enough and beat him up when he went for me then he said enough was enough Ive never laid a finger on my kids and never will Theres easier ways and better ways for my kids Each to their own but I know I grew up resenting it in a big way Years later when he was old and wiser my father told me he regretted it hugely
  13. Live Catch Rabbit Traps

    Pre baiting helps
  14. She’S At It Again.... New Record Coming Out?

    I too would totally smoke her weasle But she's a nasty little c**t
  15. Rollmop Tower

    Roll mood Food of the gods