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  1. Nonces And The Internet

    I’d be glad to see the back of the internet And that c**t and the sick c**ts like him want slipping from their earthly bonds I’m up for helping too does my nut in these arseholes are getting away with this for as long as they do
  2. How do I find a game market near me id have a fallow for that price
  3. Books (hunting & fishing)

    I’d like to see the list too
  4. James bulger killers

    Venebals should be eased off the planet a piece at a time
  5. James bulger killers

  6. D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    I’ve just looked into that as if not heard of that but you’re right anyone buying that should have been reported to the old bill wtif is wrong is with this world
  7. Australian Researchers Warning Dog Owners

    The number of cases seems poultry
  8. D.I.Y policing,the rise of online vigilantes.

    I remember a bbc documentary long before the internet on paedos they had massive networks and books like manuals they shared between each they called what they did “the hobby” and said they should never be ashamed of their hobby That documentary has never ever left me shocked isn’t the word
  9. Winter is coming

    I f***ing despair of this country
  10. All over the media about a crackdown on far right extremism one case it’s a joke
  11. That’s f***ing insane
  12. Well played

    Jordan Peterson is a shining star in the dark horizon of politically correct bullshit
  13. Recruiting Doctors From Refugee Camps

    They aren’t going to let anyone practice who doesn’t meet our standards theyll be retrained if neccesary i was talking to a gp over lunch yesterday about this and a few other things (Not my tight foreskin )
  14. Kids freedom

    My lads 8 i won’t let him do that yet i know he’s Not ready i was a lot younger when I used to go off in the woods on my own but I remember being more tuned in
  15. Cannabis oil

    It’s a great anti inflammatory its good for any inflammation a lot of MMA guys are now using it