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  1. tilimangro

    Weed ;)

    Is that Dutch passion in the back ground
  2. tilimangro


    Leave em or pour sand in the holes birds of prey usually put pay to voles quite quickly
  3. tilimangro

    Working notice

    For the most part people look after themselves and will cut everyone’s throat to survive its a fecking disgusting world we live in
  4. tilimangro

    Moor hen nest

    Had a Harris hawk that was wed to the fecking things would go off if it caught sight of one they used to stink i read in a book that they used cook them and eat them I wouldn’t !!!
  5. tilimangro

    Alfie Evans

  6. tilimangro

    Stainless steel putange

    No si hes become a good mate through facebook which doesn’t take away from the fact he’s running a good business well and for you to say he’s greedy is pretty petty probably sour grapes i waited two weeks for deliveries from chris ive had them in two days from paul and they’re a few quid more than twelve months ago big deal like I say plank comment
  7. tilimangro

    Stainless steel putange

    His prices are fine given the pound has tanked since brexit I think that accounts for the difference in price and he always has stock in so you don’t have to wait two weeks for a delivery greedy lol what a plank comment
  8. tilimangro

    Stainless steel putange

    Cheapest I’ve seen is about £20 a pair a French putange will last decades as it is and if you feel like it you can galvanise them at home apparently easily enought at£1 each it seems unnecessary to pay so much for pure stainless
  9. tilimangro

    Letting nature take over

    I have done this with my back garden but neither my wife or neighbours seem to share my enthusiasm
  10. tilimangro

    Guilty Of Sending An Offensive Message

    I f***ing despair
  11. tilimangro

    Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    See my previous post you’re clearly obsessed with bumming Lol and told it all over the net
  12. tilimangro

    Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    Yes that s probably a logical conclusion to draw when you think about bumming all day
  13. tilimangro

    Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    Sounds like you know the routine
  14. tilimangro

    Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    Typical woman changing her mind
  15. tilimangro

    Coincidences, de ja vu etc

    That would be spooky shes been dead a long time