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  1. Beddy x

    Is terry ahern still breeding bedy/greys?
  2. Graeme Souness

    would souness have let whinny jones kick the shit out of him in the first 5 mins of the cup final?
  3. 3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Collie

    Any pictures, was woundering how you were getting on with that big pup, atb
  4. Picture Of My Saluki Bull Greyhound Pup 6Month Old

    Ok then i'll ask, WHY?
  5. Hound Pack Pictures

    which ones are the fell hounds?
  6. How many litter of lurcher pups are bred from a 1st rate greyhound bitch, not many if any.
  7. MINSHAW .....

    The reason am asking is, he's got some pups for sale in this weeks countryman's meekly
  8. MINSHAW .....

    who wrote no moon tonight and is it worth buying?
  9. A Big Softee

    where do you buy them?
  10. MINSHAW .....

    Thanks for clearing that up
  11. MINSHAW .....

    Did yous ever take a litter from her Frankel?
  12. Moochers Forum

  13. Coursing sire for stud wanted

    Are the boys that own the grews still on here?
  14. Pups enjoying the snow

    They pups haven't half grown atb.