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  1. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Splodge X Fettle Bitch

    Was that Alan booths Fred, the bro to cruise of shildon
  2. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Do you know how that roe was bred ?
  3. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Do you know the owner ?
  4. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    I meant the smaller one of the bigger dogs, is it a pure saluki
  5. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Nice dogs, is the smaller one a pure ?
  6. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Speed or Stamina?

    Yea but just the weak hares
  7. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Speed or Stamina?

    Them super fast dogs don’t look like they can be bothered after 3 mins and the hare is waving them goodbye and there lying on the floor having a heart attack, I like to see a dog finish strong not fizzle out
  8. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Bloody barbed wire

    That’s half the price of what my vets were going to charge for a simalar type of thing on barbed wire. They told me vets don’t use local anaesthetic anymore just general, can’t see the point in having a general just to put a few stitches in, apart from it adding £100 onto the bill for them
  9. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Bloody barbed wire

    Just out of interest, how much did that cost at the vets and did the dog have to have a general anaesthetic
  10. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Pup caught on barbed wire fence

    Just keep it immaculately clean and washed out everyday and shave the hair off directly around the wound with some clippers and it will heal ok on its own, I’d go to the vets to get metacam and antibiotics, but wouldn’t pay the robbing b*****ds to stitch it up, had a worse cut than that on my bitch from barbed wire 3 weeks ago and they wanted £480 to stitch her up on the Monday and it would of been £660 to have it done on the Sunday when it happened, I decided just to let it heal on its own and it’s nearly all healed up now in 3 weeks and had no infection at all,keep the dogs bedding clean and try to stop it from licking the wound by putting a coat on it as there is a lot of bacteria in the dogs saliva, and spray the wound with chlorhexidine spray everyday, it will soon heal.
  11. Nice pup cocker how’s that one bred ?
  12. thefensarefarbutistillgo


    Did she use to catch her fair share then? What dog was put to her to get salty and sooner ? Did you see that run aswell ?
  13. Smart dog, nice deep chest, is he running well ?
  14. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Lucky Bred Pups

    Chrissi, what are the two dogs your getting a pup out of ?
  15. thefensarefarbutistillgo

    Hare Coursing

    Nice watch but they must be the slowest hares I've ever seen, they were like mixi rabbits on acid lol