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  1. Extra Long (In Back) Shirts

    I found the shirts from Cordings in London very good, pricey but but wash and wear well and often have a sale in.
  2. Log burner

    Seems too cheap be be any good but 5year warranty and 81% effeciency in wood would seem to say it ain’t to bad at all. even some of most efficient are at around 87%. i have bought a Charnwood C5 which is around 85% efficient I believe but they are approaching £1k I believe. It is a good well made stove
  3. Terrier work offered

    Used to do a lot for them along with stopping and other work behind the scenes many years ago. dont have terriers now but wouldn't mind getting back out and helping once the game shooting is over. they have suffered big time recently with poor huntsman and loosing land to hunt over
  4. Terrier work offered

    Is that the west Norfolk ?
  5. Log / Multi Fuel Burner

    Chesney take some beating or Charnwood
  6. Air Source Heating.

    The company I work for in Fakenham, Norfolk fit and supply these. We fit these to most new builds that out sister company builds. renewable plumbing solutions ltd Google search rps renewable energy should come up with the webpage They might well travel depending on work etc.
  7. Clumber Or Brittany Spaniel

    Check out working clumber spaniel society and speak to one of the committee They will help you take a look at them working Have one and yes are slower than a springer but are methodical with good noses Go and watch them work There are getting more out in the shooting field
  8. Lets See Your Working Russells

    What a cracking looking Russell Nice to see them with a good bit of colour
  9. Octavia Scout

    I have the VW Passat Alltrack which I think is basically the same car On a 28 mile daily round trip to work does 45/gallon 2litre diesel Goes well and is comfy with all the gadgets Wouldn't fancy serious off road work but it suits my needs as and when needed Might be worth consideration for you as well
  10. Propercartridges 12 Bore Shells

    He has a webpage with contact numbers Call him on his mobile
  11. Propercartridges 12 Bore Shells

    They are good Use his high speeds 32g 4.5 shot on pheasants As good as RC Sipe but £40/k cheaper George Young is based in Durham and is a character
  12. Clumber Spaniels? ?

    Yes they are slower than a springer or cocker but work in a nice methodical way and have a good nose so dont tend to miss much. Life would be boring if we all liked the same thing. Best thing is go and see some work and make your own decision.
  13. Clumber Spaniels? ?

    Your best bet would be to contact the working lumber spaniel society Look on their website it will give you some contact names etc and all will do the best to point you in the right direction. I went to Devon to loom at some over a weekend initially them to Wales to pick my pup up. There are some crackers out there just make sure you get from working lines and are tested Expect pups to be £750-£900 I believe
  14. How Many Packs

    Yes Jim Wing did die of cancer. The hunting at that time was a lot better than it is now, had more country to go at and with easier regulations to work on re stopping up and terrier work. We don't keep terriers now after an incident with the hunt pistol which led to an argument with the huntsman so we packed it in. Pics of my dads 2 terriers are on a thread in the terrier section asking for pictures of your favourite dogs. Does the name Andrew Ralli ring a bell with you Boy did we have some fun with him, he was as mad as a hatter. Now into my game shooting but would like a terrier but where I go the places are riddled with our striped friends with very little true fox earths. Archi
  15. Favourite Terrier Pic

    Not the best of pics probably taken 20 years ago The scruffy Russell (Dougal)on left is out of a Russell bitch from an old terrier an from the West Norfolk and from a dog from the Cottesmore Hunt that supposedly had a bit of Sealyham in him. Anyway he would stay all day and never ever failed and was always the go to dog if the youngsters couldn't make it. Worked from 12 months of age without a mistake although has nipped the odd person when trying to remove him after breaking through Was a good bayer and could be worked every week, hardly took any punishment. Many a brush tip he has pulled off if they were arse end on. The other one came from a private pack via the kennel huntsman from the Monmouthshire who used to be whip at the WNFH and I think had some patterdale in him from what we were told. He was good and I remember him bolting 3 from 1 land drain one after the other. With his legs was good in the bale stacks as well. He was a bayer as well but a bit more forceful than Dougal. Do miss the digging game now