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  1. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    The shame and irony of the whole affair to me is I (and another wholely innocent member!) have been subjected to sustained, vicious and ruthless personal attack after I agreed with YOUR post in which you believed that a prolonged delay after payment for your order without communication was unacceptable form. And here I am slain, by Pianoman the celebrated gentleman holding the mortal weapon, hands bloodied as Brutus on the senate floor. I shall exit stage right.
  2. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Our agreement was that you would pay as and when I provided payment details. I never sent them so whilst the debt remained, I never thought I'd initiate collection. Returning it will suffice. Once again, I'd like to request you message me privately, if only to prevent further pollution of another thread. I do not wish to be blamed yet again for the inability of others to conduct themselves in an adult, civil manner. With great hurt and ever diminishing respect, miles.
  3. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    If you wouldnt mind pm-ing me and paying for the book I sent you that I neglected to request payment for (intended it to remain a gift) I think you and I are done. Very disappointed in you Simon, I trust you have true justifications. I am shocked and appalled.
  4. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Not my consent! (Nevermind, I forgive you) No diversion. No witch hunt (well, feels like there's one on me!). Anyhoo, I've nothing more to say here, said it all on the thread that shall not be named. Have fun fellas, it is just a hobby after all Toodaloo.
  5. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Nor, to the very best of my honest recollection was I villaman. But you saw malts threat to "ban memberS" plural. Not singular as would be the case if I were the sole target. I'm not getting dragged into this, and I didn't 'threaten' to ban anyone.. Ah, apologies for the misinterpretation, that's how I perceived it.
  6. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    This is the first thread upon which youve made your request that hasn't been almost immediately pulled. It's a null request being as my intention has never nor will it be, to cause trouble. Hence "genuine" and "pertinent" Is not posting private communications without consent also a no no? On someone else's account!?
  7. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Nor, to the very best of my honest recollection was I villaman. But you saw malts threat to "ban memberS" plural. Not singular as would be the case if I were the sole target.
  8. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Would you mind retrieving my heresies please malt? Your deletions may have negated Mr Walls grounds for the threatened legal action, but its also robbed me of my records in order to defend any case brought against me...
  9. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Thanks for coming out and confessing malt. I wondered who was censoring and gagging me for stating the same opinion as villaman and redial. Hence my warning to them. Oh, whilst you're here, could you clarify the legalities of posting under anothers name as has happened to c side's account? I thought that was a big no no.
  10. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Pm incoming to the hijacked account of c side...
  11. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    I must run guys. The resident censor has discovered you!
  12. Sfs Stage 2 Hw97Kt

    Careful what you're saying villaman... pm me if you wish to see how far this sfs rabbit hole goes...
  13. Just Got Off The Phone ...

    Yup, that'll be it. Thanks walshie, I wondered how it was limited, thought there was a clause perhaps.
  14. Just Got Off The Phone ...

    I'm intrigued that your insurance is void if money is exchanged. Must be a ruse to ensure businesses cough up higher rates. You could charge tins of pellets! Like you, access and permission is payment enough for me. Great news for you.